Brian Eno – Lizard Point

Good because its hardly even music.


Warren Zevon – Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner


Jolly, macabre and silly and has a singalong quality. Not quite my favourite from that album but iTunes says it got played the most.
I like the ridiculousness of the line  - 'Patty Hearst/Heard the Burst/ of Rolands Thompson Gun and Bought it'.

Broken Social Scene – Our Faces Split The Coast In Half  

Creative, has a groove, so it lets you get on with your work whilst enjoying it. I like the way it deconstructs itself and the reassembles as it goes along.


Disrupt – Tubby Rom Module


Just great noises.


The Blue Nile – Family Life

A late at night, why aren't I in bed, Jesus I want to sleep sort of song, and probably a weepy for most parents.

John Carpenter & Alan Howarth – Halloween Montage  

Nice and trashy, this is from a quite bad horror film I have had on in the background many times working late at night.

Alice Coltrane – Jagadishwar      


David Sylvian – Praise  

Beautiful fragile comforting singing.


Foo Fighters – Learn To Fly


Good for cheering up to. rock and roll is good for that, I remember well the sight of the usually dignified comic book auteur Woodrow Pheonix playing air guitar to a Foo Fighters song whist gambolling upon the uneven floorboards of Detonator studio (where I once had a desk) in Rivington st EC2A.

Sufjan Stevens – John Wayne Gacy, Jr.  

I think this is probably one of the better and more poignant songs about serial killers. That being said, 'Suffer Little Children' by The Smiths  is probably my favourite song about murderers.  




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