Doves – Firesuite  

An Oldie to start… Love this track, never fails to raise a smile on a grey, hungover, Monday morning. Also uses same chords as Light My Fire.

Braids – Lemonade  

New band… This too is good to ease into the day with, a dreamy affair: Coctaeu Twins meets Steve Reich. Watch for the ambient post rock swirling drop near the end, awesome! They are still fairly obscure but not for too long hopefully.

The National – Sorrow  

Dark and moody, love the melancholy in the vocals and lyrics, and the poetry- very ambiguous… great drummer too. A nice song to end a relationship with.

Ane Brun – Do You Remember  

Contains the great lyric "It was the last time for first positions". Fantastic voice and song craft. I Love the African/Bulgarian backing vocals.

A good friend and muse gave me this song as a gift and so it will be for ever associated with her, and actually captures her sharp insight, humorous twist and openness and honesty. I Almost put a Laura Marling one here, which would have been good but went for Ane instead… great twist. Giving good music or turning friends on to great music is one of the best things you could ever do and reveals more about yourself then anything else possibly could.

Beirut – Port Of Call  

Great band, more uplifting melancholy, I like the eastern, Balkan folk influence and his melodic voice and how it still sounds totally modern.

The Antlers – I Don't Want Love  

New York band with an album full of come down masterpieces. This may sound pessimistic but the song carries hope in her sails; fragile and delicate yet strong and commanding, all these songs capture the vibe of these times, beautiful losers holding shiny mirrors to the world.

Iggy Pop – Dum Dum Boys  

Another vintage cut, this takes us on our journey to late 70's Berlin;
Bowie and Iggy, stoned and wasted in a transvestite bar, 7am by the Berlin wall. Starts with a list of all their friends who have died from excess. Dark, feral creatures of the night, cold sardonic and sarcastic… cant think of a downside. Reminds me of living in an Earls Court bed-sit when I was 17. I used to go to sleep and wake up to this… so very European.

Popul Vuh – Through Pain To Heaven  

Staying in Berlin for some Krautrock drone action, exemplified by these masters of the genre, with Celtic twist. Totally cinematic, which is why Wim Wenders uses them so much for his movies. Pure trance. This is what I like to paint and draw to. It facilitates a deepening, dissolves time and helps me penetrate into the work. Great on motorways and in airports on the ipod.

White Rainbow – Waves  

From the album 'Prism Of Eternal Now', these cats are from San Fran and this is the contemporary equivalent of Popol Vuh. Cutting edge ambient psychedelia; beautiful, meditative and timeless but also utterly now. Melt into the canvas with your brush to this… also works well at dawn after being up all night.

Michael Bundt – La Chase Aux Microbes  

Again Berlin; 1969 the Zodiac Free Arts Lab, where so many of the great German electronic bands (that are so influential and relevant now) first cut their teeth from Neu, Can and Kraftwerk, to this obscure but
classic piece. Illustrates the genius of an inspired (yet unsung) art school professor who set it all up. Hard to believe this was made 40 years ago, could have been made yesterday. Reminds me of making cosmic love under the stars in Formentera Ibiza.

Zodiac Free Arts Lab – Celephais  

Nice dreamy end to our journey, if you use this playlist as a soundtrack to your creative artwork please send me a picture of the results! Another classic from the same Berlin source although this one pioneers and preempts Trance by 30 years.

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