Connan Mockasin – Forever Dolphin Love (Erol Alkan Rework)

The track takes me on a journey. Erol's driving re-work of this incredible track by Connan Mockasin makes my head spin in a really good way. Everything from the bass-line to the vocals sounds aquatic. It's quite an incredible piece of music.

Alt-J - MS

I love it when tracks take you on a journey and remind you of a place you've been. This track takes me back to my most recent holiday; driving in a car through the streets of LA at night time. It's a great track for the evenings or sunset; when you've got to that 11th hour of work and your brain can't cope

Robyn – Get Myself Together  

I find Robyn a really inspirational artist. As a driving force of integrity and self-belief she's pretty incredible; owning her own record label on which she releases her music, controls her own image and PR, and being her own, self-directed pop musician. She's essentially a musical artist that has found her voice in pop and is capable of creating truly incredible pop records. This track is my favourite off her last album, the last of the three-album-in-one-year series, Body Talk Pt. 3.


The Cure – Lullaby


The Cure have recently replaced a hole in my iTunes playlist that used to be firmly filled by The Horrors. It all started by falling in love with their 1980 album 'Seventeen Seconds" and has now progressed across a further extent of their music. 'Lullaby' is an especially exciting find for me. It makes me feel good, it gives me a confidence, and it makes me feel that, as I walk around my flat with the sun beaming through the window sipping at a freshly poured cup of coffee, I'm in a great mindset to attack the blank page; it makes everything else disappear.


Blink 182 – Shut Up

Ok, so, Blink 182 were a huge part of my adolescence. "Enema of the State" was one of the first albums I saw being passed around the 'cool' kids in school that had an album cover that really struck me. The vibrant colours, and skater-like logo sticker struck me as being really different to everything else. I was used to 'cool' CDs looking like Prodigy records or Nirvana's 'In Utero'.
This sounds so dumb, but you seriously can't choose which passage of time to land in where albums mean a lot to you, and for me, it was that period in time when Blink 182 were literally the biggest alternative band on the planet. I was 14 at the time, and for the next 5 years there was hardly a week that went by when I didn't listen to "Enema of the State" or "Take Off Your Pants and Jacket" or the Boxcar Racer album. I think these albums are especially important when you're able to drum along to them in your car at the age of 17 having just passed your driving test.

I also thought Tom DeLonge was incredibly hot for some reason.

Anyway, I still listen to Blink as they're like a perfectly concealed time-warp to my adolescence, and when you're pulling an all-night-er, you want an album when you know the running order of songs inside out and every single drum pattern and swearword that can wrap around you like a musical comfort blanket.

Radioactive Man – The Mezz  

The self-titled Radioactive Man album was given to me by the executive producer of Blinkink (Bart Yates) in my first year of being with the company (I'm signed to Blinkink as a commercials director). It never fails to send me to a very dark place. It really helps me get into a focused state where a darker part of my psyche is able to push forward.

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Tapes & Money  

This is a pretty popular track at the moment. I've had a few opportunities to work with TEED, and none of them have ever materialised for various reasons. One day I really hope we can hook up. This is a track that I love to have on repeat. It has a really good level of positivity mixed with repetitive beats and drive that can really get work done. I often play it first thing in the morning to get me into a productive mood.

Metronomy – The Look  

Every so often, when I feel like I'm over this song, that organ riff keeps popping back into my head. Going to Torquay last year in order to shoot the video for another Metronomy single 'The Bay' was one of the most incredible working experiences of my life. Listening to this track always sends me back in my head to the sun-drenched Devonshire coastline.

The Alan Parsons Project – Mammagamma (Instrumental)  

I am a huge fan of krautrock and progressive music. This track is particularly hypnotic, surging and blooming. It's another track that I like to have on repeat. It's the only Alan Parsons Project track that I own, and that seems so ridiculous when I listen to it so much, but I can have this track on for hours and not even notice. It's like a hypnotic chant or mantra that's capable of blocking out the outside world and keeping me focused.

Orbital – Chime (12 Mix)  

This is perfect for the moments when I need repetition to get me through a long task ahead; usually ploughing through a brief or devising a PDF. The repetition in this track really makes me concentrate and is very easy to have on repeat. I'm sure I've spent whole evenings with this on loop for 5 hours straight in the past




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