There are songs for night work and day work.

Songs to speed you up like ephedra and songs to make you focused like sound in a cathedral.

Choose yourself, which belongs to which department:

Zigaretten Rauchen – Queen of Sheba  

Not released as a record yet. Draft recording of in a music session. The draft style is perfect for studio work.


Terry Riley –  Poppy Nogood


It's like stone-age trance music

Lou Reed – Ecstasy  

 It's so relaxed and intense like the title.


Iggy Pop – I Wanna Be Your Dog


Without doubt the best guitar ever recorded.


Johny Cash – Hurt

Goose skin

Blur – Out Of Time  


Clipse – Aint Cha  

Driving. If you need to speed up it's driving like coffee or similar things

CSS – Alala  

Same as Aint cha

Curtis Mayfield – Superfly  

Because it makes you fly super high

Peaches – Diddle My Skittle  

Perfect for night work. Also driving as a driver who drives you

Shearwater – Accident  

The perfect hidden track for a top10 list.


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