Violent Femmes – Add It Up  

Fabulous audio force like a hammer on the head and gets the blood circulating. It
reminds me that I am alive, and that it is potentially a wonderful thing.


Fleetwood Mac – You Make Loving Fun


It never ceases to amaze me how I continually fall back on this track year in year out and never tire of it . The outwardly optimistic sentiment always gets me skipping along in the studio and moving my limbs in a windmill-like fashion.

Patti Smith – Rock & Roll Nigger  

Having been permanently put off by 'Because The Night', I am ashamed to admitI only recently discovered Patti Smith. This song makes my pen gather a wilful force and pressure, like no other.


John Lennon – Mother


I put this on when I am flagging and losing momentum and need a reminder of my late parents. The brain then flips over to memories of the film "Track 29' that 'Mother' features in. Visual twisted treats and brain distractions then take grip.


Frank Black – Speedy Marie

Absolutely every song on "Teenager of The Year' just does it for me. I distinctly remember being baffled and disturbed by the record sleeve. Frank Black is indeed a hero.

The Fall – Lost In Music  

Just love this madness and Mark E Smith. Good to work to and take direction from when moments of comfort, coasting and lethargy set in at the studio.

Kelly Marie – Feels Like I Am In Love  

I cannot help but broadly smile to this and chair–dance. I put it on if I need another pick–me-up. The video just adds to the absurdity of the track.

David Bowie – Sorrow  

I have to have arrived at a good point in the working day to put this on and then I just enter a new emotional stratosphere. What beauty through the speakers! It is painful, it hurts.

Meatloaf – Paradise By The Dashboard Light  

I do tragically have the hots for The Loaf and like to daydream. I love the epic scale and theatrics of this song . Another instant lift of mood and demands to be played loud .

Beyonce Featuring Jay-Z – Crazy in Love  

I strive and aspire in life to produce work that makes you feel all woman, like this song does. Go sister go!


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