Anthony & The Johnsons – My Lady Story   

Authentic. Melancholic. Beautiful. This song has a profound impact on me every time I listen to it. Musically exquisite. Emotionally haunting. I am in awe of artists who produce something as personal, as honest and as real as this. Probably my most inspiring track of all time. Beautiful celebration of introspection.


Talking Heads – This Must Be The Place  


One of my favourite tracks of all time - makes people feel at home in the studio. It has always felt like the title track to the current studio in Belsham St. 

Blondie – Heart Of Glass 

Sensual. Seductive. Timeless. Are we dressing up for this one? 

Prince – Controversy  

Addictive rhythm. Sexy … Down.
Reminds me of dancing in the front row of the O2 right in front of Prince basically with Prince … incredible, unforgettable, top live music experience of my life to this track. 


The Staple Singers – Let's Do It Again


Stumbled upon this one on the radio years ago and realised that's it where the sample from another old fav of mine came from Bootlegs & B- Sides version of It was a good day by ICE CUBE. Love finding the source and I don't know a more sensual track sung with such authenticity and feeling. INTIMATE. 


The Hot 8 Brass Band – Sexual Healing 

They have taken a classic and produced something incredible that is their own, that doesn't challenge the brilliance of Marvin Gaye's original but is an incredible alternative. The positivity in the delivery is beyond. The feeling is so intense; this one makes the world smile and dance. (They're in Spike Lee's When the Levees Broke)

Ice Cube – It Was A Good Day (Bootlegs & B- Sides album)  

Timeless. Up & genius lyrics.

Slick Rick – Hey Young World  

Uber cool sound, up, melodic YES! 

Kraftwerk – Computer World 2   

"Don't copy the copy" … Kraftwerk is the source. Clean. Crisp and such an addictive beat. Released over 30 years ago. So ahead of its time & such an inspiration.

Azealia Banks – 212  

Pure energy. Such a progressive beat, great lyrics and genius delivery. My alter ego is a afro-Caribbean girl from Brooklyn called Jezebelle's and this is her new favourite track to dance to.

Third World – Now That We've Found Love (12" version)  

Get up let's go. "And only love will set your spirit free …" YES. The guitar & then bongo solo are fucking incredible on the 12" version. Let it all out. Get up and dance so many great memories dancing to this at the studio

The Only Ones – Another Girl Another Planet (The Peel Sessions)  

Such a special feeling from this track. Reminds me of being 14 and sticking 2 fingers up to things I didn't agree with for the first time. Vocals are so intense

The Violent Femmes – Nightmares

Tragically depressing lyrics and yet incredibly up energy. Love that.

Pixies – Wave Of Mutilation (Death to the Pixies Live version)   


Cat Power – Lived In Bars (Live Berklee Boston 2006)  

Such a convincing delivery so introspective and melancholic in the most inspiring way

Willie Nelson – A Song For You (Live version)  

I grew up on Country and Western music while living in Texas when I was 5 & 6. This track reminds me of my childhood and in particular my dear Mum. Hauntingly beautiful.


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