Howlin' Wolf – Spoonful  

If I were a boxer, or more likely a darts player given I'm not a fan of violence, this would be my entrance song.


Quickspace Supersport – Quickspace Happy Song #1 


This song is one of the most joyous songs I know, from the first drumstick clicks and throughout the whole fuzzed up song it can't fail but make me feel happy, which is a good thing considering the title. 

The Chap – Auto Where To  

The Chap are a funny band, literally in some cases. This is an old song from them and I think it's pretty much a perfect pop song.


Dirty Three & Cat Power – Great Waves


Often when two great music makers come together the result is not as good as the music made apart, but not in this case. It a very visual song and quietly ominous. 


Colin Stetson – Judges

I really love this track, it's wonderful in so many ways. Recorded without overdubs, all the sounds are being made by Colin Stetson, as they are heard, using circular breathing to play a bass saxophone.

Low – Murderer  

Low are one of my favourite bands. They seem to have an ability to drift along unaffected by the rest of music fashion. I can't really work to this, I have to stop and absorb it properly, but that's fine, there's always time for a 3 minute 34 second break in a day.

Wedding Present – What Have I Said Now  

The Wedding Present are one of the last bands that I found all consumingly exciting. I was obsessed with them and they still fill me with the same sense of excitement they did back when I was 17. This is one of my favourite songs of theirs. The drumming is so precise and crisp and gradually gets more complicated and the song moves along.

Future Islands – Inch Of Dust  

The Future Islands are amazing. This track is so full of emotion. The singer is a crazy man who puts everything into his live shows whilst still looking a bit like he works as an accountant. The whole of the album this is off is wonderful as is almost everything they have done.

theUSAisamonster – Okeepa Ceremony  

These are one of the most criminally overlooked bands. They were one of the best live bands I have ever seen and had the best band name ever. There is something wrong in the world when there was only about 40 people at their last ever UK gig.

Trumans Water – Speeds Exceeding  

Sometimes you need a bit of screaming along with angular guitars and Trumans Water are the masters of it. 

Henryk Górecki – III. Cantabile-semplice  

This is a beautiful thing. It's pretty emotionally charged and whether or not it's a good studio song depends on if you can work through a cloud of tears, or if you have a heart of stone.


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