Paul McCartney – Coming Up  

Every time I listen to it I imagine Paul rocking out in a basement on his own smoking big ones and feeling like a kid in a playpen full of jelly. He just sounds so damn happy and it makes me move. It's not a good song to work to, but it's an excellent song to get you out of your funny little world of worries. Especially good on repeat.

Nathan Fake – Charlie's House  

It's the sort of music that I imagine listening to in a car that can fly just as you enter a portal.

Charles Mingus – Hog Calling Blues  

Some people think this song is hard work. I thought it was the first time I heard it, it's pretty full on. All the horns keep flipping in and out of the structure of the song, every now and then the notes go weird and the timing shifts, but it doesn't sound wrong, it sounds effing brilliant. There are two particularly shrill and exhilarating long trumpet notes in the middle of the song which make my hairs tingle. Love it. Also Mingus sounds like he is on the verge of a caffeine induced breakdown or breakthrough maybe. It's brilliant strange fun.

Jonathan Richman – When I Dance  

He sounds like his nasal passages are filled with wood, yet I challenge you not to imagine him contorting to his own song on a dark dance floor in some dirty little bar in America.

The Beach Boys – The Warmth of the Sun  

This song sums up perfectly how it feels to lose love. Brian Wilson sounds like a little boy who has had to watch his puppy get crushed. It's so sad and so beautiful. If ever you feel like you need to cry but can't because you are emotionally constipated, put this on and the tears will trickle. Having said that, his song also works well as a funny song when played at double speed. Either way, it's perfect.

Harry Nilsson – Coconut  

When I used to get stoned all the time, I would listen to this song on headphones while walking around Sainsburys wearing sunglasses. It made me feel like The Dude. Good times.

Clinic – The Second Line  

Good song to listen to as you sit down to work. The soft sloppy guitar and the tinny bit-crushed drums will shake you out of your sleepy head and make you feel clever, like that drink that Jeeves makes for Wooster in the first ever episode of Jeeves and Wooster.

The Cure – Close To Me  

When I am really into my work and I know I have to leave my desk because I have to go out and meet someone for a drink, but I don't want to go, I put this on and it helps. Not often I'm in that situation, but when I am, this song always does the trick.

Dave Greenslade – The Minstrel  

Not for everyone, but I used to listen to this on a record that my Dad owned when I was little. I always used to imagine traveling really fast on the back of a large toad, rushing through treetops and clouds.

The Doors – The Crystal Ship  

I just love singing along to this one, trying to do Jim Morrison's voice. And I love the first line....''Be....fore....you....slip....into....un....con....ciousness I'd......like to have a....nother kiss.' Brilliant.

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