Most of the music I listen to is in the car, driving to and from the studio and my son's school (45 minutes away). Music and driving are like coffee & cigarettes… If I listen to music outside the car it is usually with headphones or when I'm not engaged in activities that require particular concentration. I used to play music all the time, at work and at home, until I realized that this was more background noise and less music. This is why I now like to keep them separate. It is either one thing or the other. At work nothing beats the best of all tunes: the silence between phone calls and meetings. These are some of the recent "best of" car tracks, depending on the mood. 

The XX – Intro + Crystalised  
Pixies – The Thing  


Stereolab – Pack Yr Romantic Mind  


Le Tigre – Gone B4 Yr Home  


Thomasz Stanko Quartet – Suspended variation II  


Miles Davis – Nuits Sur les Champs-Élysées  


Electrelane – Gone Under Sea  


Lali Puna – The Daily Match  


Medeski, Scofield, Martin & Wood – Green Tea  


PPQ – Bonnie  


Bonus track:  
Marco's favourite car tune (my 4-year-old son):   
Phoenix – Lisztomania  

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