David Sylvian – The Department of Dead Letters  

Doomy avant garde scratchings and the sound of bones being scraped by sharp blades: make me feel oddly happy.

Roedelius – Geschenk des Augenblicks  

The great Roedelius describes himself as 'nurse, physiotherapist, masseur, escort of the dying, composer, writer, poet, foto-collage-artist, producer.'

Robert Wyatt – At Last I Am Free  

I couldn't put this better than Tony Herrington of the Wire, who wrote: 'At Last I Am Free is an extended modern R&B ballad, an epic metropolitan soul mantra (Chic could write those as easily as they could knock off devastating disco grooves), played at "a crawling tempo", as Peter describes it, with the Chic singers, Alfa Anderson and Luci Martin, "sounding alternately like zombies and angels".'

Herbie Hancock – Butterfly  

Herbie Hancock in galactic mode – this is the sound of funk as played in a ballroom on Mars.

Trentemoller – Shades of Marble  

Danish producer and multi-instrumentalist Anders Trentemøller makes music for the digital generation.

Morton Feldman – Intervals 1  

The music of eternity – this stuff makes me think of big things like death and annihilation and loss.

Kraftwerk – Tour de France Etape 1  

The original electro-rockers. Never let anyone tell you that electronic music doesn't rock.

Susanna and the Magical Orchestra – It's a Long Way to the Top  

Another cover version. Hard to dislike a record that uses a harpsichord to make an AC/DC song come alive.

Broadcast – Black Cat  

Brilliant stew of sounds, beats, electronic gurgling and the late Trish Keenan's brilliant half spoken/half sung vocal styling. 

Brother Ah, The Sounds of Awareness – Nature's Blues  

Revolutionary spiritual jazz from 1983 – an eco ballad.

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