Side 1 – Fast Side

Talking Heads – Sugar On My Tounge  

Anything by this band is a Dream Come True to listen to, I get totally soaked with the chaos of those lyrics. Every time I listen to them, inside I think 'Wow'. I'm crazy for those paranoid but funny thinking out loud lyrics.

Maria Callas – Un Bel Di Vedremo  

I feel so religious listening to this! I'm right there with the bleeding Jesus, the marble columns, the baroque drapery. I love all those mysterious Italian words too. I've got my sisters GCSE French listening practice, I listen to that sometimes, that sound of all the creamy French newsreader voices.

Amerie – 1 Thing  

It's great, she just doesn't stop talking, all the words tangle up in each other. 

Half Pint – One In A Million  

Scorcher! What a compliment, this is my perfect love song.

Doctorin' The House – Coldcut Featuring Yazz & The Plastic Population  

I have this tape called house hits and I listen to it when I have to do some really sweaty physical jobs in the workshop. If I was sporty I'd listen to that tape over and over.

Peter Andre – Mysterious Girl  

I can't get enough of his exotic tropical vibes. I love the bit in the video where he splashes the water up and also when his lady takes a shower in the waterfall.

The Passions – I'm In Love With A German Film Star  

Crush classics are nice to work to.

Monie Love – It's A Shame (My Sister)  

I like to make work to music that I like dancing to; this is great to dance to.

Vybz Kartel, Spice–- Romping Shop - Raw Version  

So dirty! My friend Josh says it's the most romantic song he's ever heard, in a way it really is.

King Khan, Swastika – Kaanta Laga  

I have all these remix tapes from India with these amazing collages of nineties pop with Bollywood classics… they have all these wild musical references all smashed together, rap, pan pipes and funky house squashed in one pumping tune.


Side 2 - Slow Side

The Mills Brothers – You Always Hurt The One You Love  

I have a friend who used to leave me answer-phone messages singing songs like this… he has a voice just like this guy. It was so amazing to get these virtual personal renditions on a voicemail, it felt a bit like time travel.

Orange Juice – Tender Object  

His lovely nasal wobbly voice, and the album cover has two jumping dolphins on it, enough in itself.

Smoke City – Underwater Love  

The way she says 'slipping' in that accent. Woah! 

Minnie Ripperton - Inside My Love  

It feels like your swimming underwater here too - but this time in cream, or bath gel, or frogspawn!

Can – Paperhouse  

I like how he sounds as if he is both singing and asleep at the same time.

Will Smith – Miami  

Glamorous! Someone once told me I look as though I'm from Miami, and I really like the idea that by listening to this, the work gets infused with a bit of the pastel city.

Smog – Dress Sexy At My Funeral  

My mum and dad used to play this when I was l little and I used to listen really hard to the lyrics. In the song the guy just talks about how he made love with his wife everywhere. When I was small it was a mystery to me what they were up to in there. Now I know, I like the song even better.

Henri Mancini – Pink Panther Theme   

100 percent best theme tune - and I love theme tunes.

London Music Works – The Crystal Maze, Force Field  

What a game show, how I dreamed of being a contestant and going through all those Aztec, Atlantis, Futuristic adventures, to end up jumping up and down trying to catch all those little floating gold flakes.

Man Parrish – Boogie Down Bronx  

A song for late at night.

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