Well, I tend to play records in the studio. I kind of collect old 60’s, 70’s and a bit of 80’s soul, on 7" singles. I have a cardboard box that I call my Hotbox and it contains about 30 records that are my latest purchases. I'm sure I drive everyone in the studio mad playing them over and over until I catch them singing along with all the words ‘cos they've been brainwashed!


Jerry Butler – Whatever’s Fair


I have singers that I really get into and March this year was the month of Jerry Butler.  'Whatever's Fair' is my favourite of his at the moment. He made so many incredible records but he can put over a lyric so powerfully with such restraint but then he lets rip! Oh man!  No wonder he was known as 'the ice man', cool as!


Frank Hutson – Old Man Me


'Old Man Me' is a record I had been after for ages. It is an incredibly brilliant record, so simple, the repetition of the lyrics are what makes it so powerful, but after listening to it many times it's the drumming that really gets me now, so, so tight!

Jesse James – I Feel Your Love Changing  

If you're not into rare soul then a lot of these artists will be unknown to you but Jesse James is a legend who’s cut loads of great sides.

Cam Cameron – They Say  

‘They Say'’, for me typifies what is known as the ‘crossover’ sound, and it features more incredibly tight drumming. It's a pretty catchy tune too!


Marjorie Ingram – Another Woman Involved


As is 'Another Woman Involved', written and produced by the one and only George Jackson and recorded in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. I love cheating songs, whether deep ballads or more up-tempo disco-fied numbers such as this one.

The Positive Force – If I Could Help Someone Today  

Regarding 'If I Could Help Someone Today', sometimes I buy records, (mainly on the internet) just because I like the title. I thought this might be a gospel tune but it turned out to be a very laid back sort of jazz thing. I tend to play the instrumental, as it's really relaxing.

Gino Washington – What Can A Man Do  
Gino Washington & The GW Band – We Ganna Make It  

I'm having a bit of a Gino Washington moment this week and these two are really nice, what my friend Steve refers to as 'Deep with a beat'. You knows it Steve!!


Fantastic Mainstream – Let’s Be Friends


'Let's be Friends' is produced by Cleo Page, the same guy who produced 'Old Man Me'. Both records are from Alabama. Great guitar on this one, and the guys voice has a bit of a lisp, which is something I really like in a singer.


The Blue Notes – Standing By You Girl


I love disco music and 'Standing By You Girl' is most probably the most groove-able track out of this collection ‘cos even though we love the chilled out soul sounds here at Ryantown HQ you better know we love to get down too!!!

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