Usually I listen a lot to music.

The two first things I do when I enter the studio in the morning is put on the music and make
a coffee.

I think it is part of the creative process and somehow it is also reflected in our visual work.
Can't really say how but music can really inspire you. The way a musician works can be influential on the way you design.

Iamamiwhoami – Y

Just a slow start which brings you in the right flow.


Haim – Don't Save Me


It makes me think of the 90s'/80's. I like the vintage feeling I get with this song, although it feels also completely timeless.

Zola Jesus – Skin

I like the density of the song.


Miami Horror – Echoplex


This get's me excited, you just want to dance.


Midnight Magic – Beam Me Up

I like the blend between disco, funk and today..

Poliça – Dark Star  

I always have to turn up the volume on this one.

Venus Infers – Goodbye Horses  

Punky but electro somehow.


This song must make one euphoric.


Joubert Singers – Stand On The World – (Larry Levan Radio Edit)


This is somehow a classic to me, which i came accross at many parties before I found out the name.

Prince – U Got The Look  

This one represents the good things from the past, you have to listen to this from time to time.


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