Phèdre – Ode To The Swinger  

Someone sent me a rude message on Twitter but were kind enough to attach this tune to it, I appreciate that.


Delicate Steve - Tallest Heights


Long drawn out, slightly 80's sounding, guitar instrumentals, it's joyous and
awesome for driving.

The Gaslamp Killer – Nissim (feat. Amir Yaghmai)  

Starts out a bit psychedelic and then suddenly turns into a party.


Darren Hayman – King's Meadow


It's from an album celebrating Britain's outdoor swimming pools, this one is in Reading. It's very pretty.


Sex Hands – Gay Marriage

When a band has named itself this well they deserve attention

Style of Eye – Norway Feat. Bessem  

I'm going through a bit of a Hawaiian stage at the mo, this is part of the
soundtrack for it. It also has bird song at the beginning, which is a win.

Dan Friel – Valedictorian  

I'm not sure I'd call it pleasant listening, it's a bit like being smashed in the face by a sci-fi movie. Exciting though.

Dino & The Diplomats – I Can't Believe  

It's very pretty, it's for swooning, and it's cool as hell.

The Teardrops – Hey Gingerbread  

It's a great pop song, fairly silly and with strangely high-pitched vocals.


Dominik Eulberg – Als Er Den Gleißenden Rand Seines Schattens Sah


He normally makes techno records but then he went and made something rather wistful and soft. It rains throughout; it's very Autumnal.
Id' struggle to pronounce it correctly.


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