Laurie Spiegel – Patchwork ('The Expanding Universe', Unseen Worlds, 2012)  

It's hard to pick one track from this album over the others – the whole double CD is really amazing. This track is from the original LP which was released in 1980 on Philo — a folk record label. I'm privileged to have worked with Laurie on the 'Composing with Process' series I produce with Mark Fell for Radio Web MACBA. Spiegel is a pioneer and visionary in the field of computer music and has a very deep and insightful understanding of systems, technology and human interaction.


Jim O'Rourke – Pedal & Pedal ('Old News Vol. 5', Editions Mego, 2011)


The synthesis, texture and arrangement in this piece is really great. I'm really enjoying this series of Jim O'Rourke's tape and synthesiser works on Editions Mego, they're all great so far.

Ben Vida – ssseeeeiiiiii ('Esstends-Esstends-Esstends', PAN, 2012)  

'Esstends-Esstends-Esstends' was one of my favourite releases of 2012 and in my opinion Ben is one of the most interesting composers working today. The record sleeve is really nicely designed too.


Mark Fell – namuH (installation soundtrack, 'namuH: Humanstudio, Selected Projects', Calm&Punk Gallery, Tokyo, 2010)


I find Mark's music good to work to, especially the early Snd stuff. This is a relatively unknown track from an iPhone app by Human Studio in Sheffield. It's a version of 'I'm Only Human' by The Human League in which midi data was imported and the lead synth lines and chords were reversed.


Hecker – Jxean-Z Character Generator ('Sun Pandämonium', Mego, 2003)

I wasn't sure whether to include the first track or this one. In the end I chose this one for the title.

Kieth Fullerton Whitman – Generator 1 ('Generator', Root Strata, 2010)  

This is a track from an amazing suite of process-based works for hybrid analogue / digital modular synthesiser. The pieces are composed using a few simple rules and patterns which give rise to really beautiful evolving structures.

Joel Chadabe – Modalities ('CDCM Computer Music Series Vol. 7', Centaur Records, 1990)  

This piece was composed for an interactive computer music system.

Jim O'Rourke – Untitled #5 ('Old News', no label, 2002)  

This is from a very rare CD-R of only 40 copies and it's currently a household favourite. No I don't have a copy.

Vladislav Delay – Luotasi ('Vantaa', Raster Noton, 2012)  

I find this type of music very conducive to working as it's not too intrusive. I have been listening to a lot of minimal techno recently — Basic Channel, Chain Reaction, Rhythm & Sound etc.


Stephan Mathieu & Ekkehard Ehlers – Rose ('Heroin', Staalplaat, 2001)


This is a track from one of my favourite CDs — which I love for both the music and the packaging. The sleeve was designed by Angela Lorenz and Stephan Mathieu and was printed at Extrapool in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. It consists of a two colour fold-out poster wrapped around a piece of heavy duty uncoated grey pulp board. The fold is like an origami puzzle and the paper so fine that I've always been too afraid to take it apart for fear of damaging it.


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