I listen to music all day while working, and I actually have trouble thinking without it. I'll often zero in on a song and play it continuously for an entire day or for several days, which annoys the shit out of everybody around me!  I have listened to all of these songs hundreds, if not thousands of times in my office or on my headphones in the past few months.

Stereolab – Les Yper-Sound

I've always loved Stereolab, but I never felt like I had a comprehensive sense of their music. I recently got a hold of their full discography, and I'm slowly making my way through it. I was immediately sidetracked by "Les Yper-Sound," a song that I keep playing on repeat.


Smiths remix by Francois K – This Charming Man (New York Mix)


I've been listening to the Smiths regularly since high school. I recently read Tony Fletcher's book A Light That Never Goes Out, a comprehensive biography of the band.  It got me re-appreciating some of my favorite songs, and I've been listening to this awesome remix of "This Charming Man" by Francois K.

Woo – Wallpaper  

My friend Matt Connors is the person who turns me on to the most new music, and this is one of his best recommendations. Woo isn't new, but they're new to me. On a recent trip to England I took a very early morning train to Liverpool after a red eye flight. I listened to "Wallpaper" half asleep, and ever since then it's been a regular on my iPhone.


My Bloody Valentine – New You


I was one of those people frantically trying to download the new My Bloody Valentine record, which the band released online with no advance warning after a 21 year hiatus. I find myself drawn to the most obviously pop song on the record "New You."


Twerps – Dreamin

Matt Connors and I have appointed ourselves the Co-Presidents of the Twerps USA fan club.  Our friend Mary Manning is the treasurer (although there is no money). I actually hate seeing music live because I'm 80-years-old and trapped in the life of a young person. But my friends Guy Blackman and Ben O'Connor, who run the Twerp's label Chapter Music in Melbourne, invited me to a show and I was blown away. I fucking love the Twerps, and this song is why.

Eurythmics – Never Gonna Cry Again  

I roll out of bed and start working. Thirty minutes later my boyfriend wakes up, makes us coffee, and tries to pry me away from the computer. For a long time we were listening to this sweet Eurythmics song every morning.

Neu! – Hallogallo  

I'm using a few Neu! tracks in my new film Teenage, and I've always been inspired by the band. Recently one of my favorite filmmakers Adam Curtis did a blog post, where he showed archival BBC clips of people dancing to this song. Ever since then, Hallogallo has got me going on a productive high.

Nick Drake – River Man  

Sometimes I need to settle into a deeper, more contemplative space. Nick Drake brings me there. "River Man" is a perfect soundtrack to a walk through New York.


The La's – Timeless Melody


I think my British friends consider this band cheesy, but I love them!  "Timeless Melody" came up on a random Spotify mix, and I got obsessed. I like how earnest and sentimental it is. I love songs with lyrics about the inexplicable beauty of music. 

New Order – 5-8-6 (The Peel Session)  

I sometimes listen to dance music while working to keep myself peppy and alert. I love all the Peel Sessions, but New Order's is particularly good. I listen to 5-8-6 on YouTube a lot, and it gets me into the zone, kind of like coffee.


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