Kjell Höglund – Man Vänjer Sig  

Makes me feel like a human. Makes me feel like I'm not alone. Makes me feel like Kjell Höglund should be part of the education system.


Anna Von Hausswolff – Track Of Time


The best track that my brother has released on his label Kning Disk. Or perhaps Peter Brodericks album is better. Ah, I dont know. Great track by Anna. Small body, massive voice.

Wildbirds & Peacedrums – My Heart  

Very nice married couple from Gothenburg, a drummer and a vocalist. Very primitive and grounded, the way we like it. Andreas is probably the best drummer in the world next to Kraftwerk's drum machine.


Union Carbide Productions – Ring My Bell


Gothenburg's finest. A memorable gig was the one at CBGB in the mid 90´s. I wasn't there but they have told me. A beer bottle disappeared in singer Ebbot's asshole and refused to come out again until after the show.


Roll The Dice – Guadeloupe

Peder from Fever Ray, also known as Subliminal Kid has this great band. Organic and dark as we like it.

Jussi Björling – Till Havs  

The big tenors grand epos. Probably the most famous musician in this list. 

Ulf Dageby – Gallret  

Perhaps not the best track in the world, sounds like an 80´s synth version of Satie. But together with the movie Ett Anständigt Liv by Stefan Jarl, where the track is the leadmotif, it reaches epic dimensions. I highly recommend this film. 

Erik Enocksson – Prologue Somnio  

Also a soundtrack, for the movie Man Tänker Sitt. A little pretentious film but fantastic soundtrack by Erik. And excellent cinematography by great dp Fredrik Wentzel. Released on my brothers label Kning Disk.

Blodfet & DJ Lonely – Knulla i Örebro  

A song about casual encounters in Örebro by musician and artist Jonas Ohlsson. Jonas is Örebros Mark E Smith and he lives in Amsterdam now. I think this song might have something to do about that.

Philemon Arthur & The Dung – Jag Vill Va i Fred  

Sweden's Residents. Have kept their identity a secret since their debut in 1971. Won a Grammy for best album that year which resulted in the Grammy awards which caused a storm of protests and the Grammy awards was closed down for 20 years.


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