Les Savy Fav – I.C. Timer

Hearing this for the first time when I was 19 had a huge impact on me… especially on what I started drawing because the lyrics are so surreal and visual.


Melt Yourself Down – We Are Enough


Proof that modern dance music needs more god damn saxaphone in it…. sheesh!

Safetyword – Pour Your Features Through The Mirror  

Sometimes your favourite band break up and you've just gotta get over it…. I'M STILL NOT OVER IT.

Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band – Circumstances


I judge everyone on whether they like Captain Beefheart or not…. 


Paul McCartney & Wings – Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five

I almost picked 'Live and Let Die' because whenever I listen to it I imagine Paul getting really excited when the fireworks go off at the beginning but I picked this instead. 

Shellac – Watch Song  


William D Drake – Homesweet Homestead Hideaway  

The opening line of this song says everything I can't...

Angels Of Light – The Man We Left Behind  

Gruff man sings sad song.


PJ Harvey – The Devil


Incredible woman sings sad song. 


Tortoise – Charteroak Foundation


I have a few beautiful memories that this song is interwoven into and it makes my internal organs warm and happy when I hear it.


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