Meredith Monk – Dolmen Music

My friend Nick introduced me to her early performance: 16 mm Earrings, which I've watched on Vimeo 30 times now, and I always get the songs from that performance stuck in my head when I watch it so I decided to get some of her albums, and I realized that this song....


DJ Shadow – Midnight in a Perfect World


was sampled in my favorite song from this DJ Shadow album my friend carleton gave me in 96, and which defined my life as a sophomore or junior at Berkeley. So whenever I listen to any Meredith Monk,
especially that song, I have to follow it up with this album go back to this amazing time in my life. I'm just now realizing how much this album has affected the work I do now, and think its funny that I first
encountered alot of the music he sampled in his album before I heard the original. And then after listening to that album, I have to listen to this album which is also sampled in Entroducing:

Bjork – Possibly Maybe  

This and the sample from Twin Peaks I knew before it became a sample on Entroducing, and Post was also part of the soundtrack to my Bezerkeley life.


Incredible String Band – Three Is A Green Crown


This song became a part of my life while I was living in Pittsburgh around 2003 and I listen to it when I need to channel the goddess and give thanks. I just found a great music video for it on YouTube.


White Magic – Keeping the Wolf from the Door

This song came to me in Amsterdam 2005 when my friend Zach sent me a mixed tape that my roommate Lucy and I would listen to over and over, lots of good stuff on that tape, this is a favorite.

Linda Perhacs – Parallelograms  

When I was searching for more goddess music while living with my parents in Oakhurst for 6 months in 2007 my friend Stephen suggested this song, which I ended up using in a video.

Steely Dan – Deacon Blues  

I re-familiarized myself with this band when I first moved to New York in 2007, reclaiming them from the annoying AM radio of my childhood. It was exciting to learn that Chevy Chase was their original drummer.

DNTEL, Enya – Caribbean Blue (DNTEL Remix)  

Right now I can't get enough of this album---I've used Enya songs in past videos but these remixes have given me a whole new appreciation of her music, taking it into the 5th dimension!


Richard Shulman – Heart


My friend Michael recently sent me a link to The Light Center near Black Mountain College, which has dome with a meditative light show. The website links to the song that the light show is timed to, and it
reminds me of the song at the end of Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me where Laura is confronted with her angel-self.


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