Q Lazarus – Goodbye Horses  

I love the film Hannibal Lecter. This song is the creepy moment where he dances around in the basement… super scary but the song is brilliant. 

The Doors – Riders On The Storm  

If it's raining this song takes me somewhere else and makes a storm be the place I want to be.

Fleetwood Mac – Gypsy  

When I wish I was a gypsy. Fleetwood Mac make me feel calm and reminds me of my mum. 

Patti Smith – Land  

I'm a huge Patti Smith fan. This gets the studio going… you have to play it really loud. I love her and Robert Mapplethorpe, the carefree young art and music scene in New York. I love when the song mentions a leather jacket- it really conjures up the image of a tough guy johnny. 

Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood – Some Velvet Morning  

Love this song in the morning. It sets a calm mood.

Gang Gang Dance – House Jam  

Just makes me dance… reminds me of living in Brooklyn, New York. 

Pet Shop Boys & Dusty Springfield – What Have I Done To Deserve This  

Exactly what the song says: a pop love song.

Pulp – Do You Remember The First Time  

For remembering being a brit pop teenager.

Neil Young – Old Man  

Reminds me I'm still young.

Wooden Shjips – Clouds Over Earthquake  

I love the title of this song, it makes me feel drunk just listening to it.

Bobbie Gentry – Fancy  

I love the country story telling of this song. Bobbie Gentry's voice and music almost seems exotic to me, I never grew up with it but found it as I got older.

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