The Alan Parson's Project – The Raven  

I heard this on the radio the other day and can't stop listening to it. It's like a crazy, pyschedelic robot.


Cocteau Twins – Milimillinery


Any Cocteau Twins would do (apart from that version of Frosty The Snowman they did) I like it as background music cos it's also really good and dreamy to pay attention to when I feel like it.

Iggy Pop – It's All Shit

It's so crude and fun, I like listening to it like an imbecile.

2Pac – High Speed  

The chorus always gets it stuck in my head. 


Asa Chang & Junray – Parlor


I really love the vocals/guitar lines and rhythms they use. It's so unusual and fun and silly but also intricate and ... really really good!


INXS – Never Tear Us Apart

I think this is my cheesy rock romance. It's so melodramatic/theatrical.

When Saints Go Machine – Fail Forever  

It's a mix of different types of music that I like.

Modest Mouse  

I find they work as good guitar music to put on and ignore, sometimes sing along to.

Kiss – I Was Made For Loving You  

Sometimes I want something ridiculous and loud to break things up a bit, and do air drums to.

Xiu Xiu – Bishop, CA   

I love Xiu Xiu's music. I like how you can find new meanings/sounds/words each time you listen.


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