James Brown – The Christmas Song  

James Brown recorded many a fine Christmas tune, most often including some reference to ghettos and funkiness. This ones a fairly straight if mildly overwrought version of my favourite Christmas tune and reminds all of us who can ignore the Christ bit, that the Godfather of Soul died on Christmas day.


Johnny Guarnieri with Slam Stewart – Santa's Secret


I did a live Christmas day show for 15 years or show on various stations and rarely ever repeated any tracks, with this dishonourable exception which I fired up every year without fail.

Buck Owens – Christmas Ain't Christmas  

Buck Owens could make you laugh, make you dance or make you cry and recorded two particularly fine Christmas albums, and a few not  so fine ones too.


Swingin' Embers – Shimmy Winter Wonderland


This is how I imagine a New Orleans  Christmas. Even if it's not actually like this, it may well be better than a Swindon Christmas.


Petty Booka – Christmas Island

If you only listen to one Japanese hillbilly girl duo Christmas song this year, it might as well be this.

Mighty Blue Kings – All I Ask For Christmas  

It takes a special talent to take the riff from the Generation Game and make a Yuletide classic.

Mabel Scott – Boogie Woogie Santa Claus  

'He's got rhythm in his feet and nothing in his sack !'

Tony Camargo – El Ano Viejo  

Ok, it's actually a New Year song, but infuriatingly sing along. It takes me til March to get this one out of my head.

The Fab Four – Jingle Bells  

The Fab Four specialise ONLY in Christmas songs done Beatles style and mostly pretty
imaginatively too.


Little Timothy Jennings – The Christmas Song


Every year I stumble across the worst Christmas song I've ever heard, so press repeat or off to the unique stylings of Little Timothy. Of course I mean worst in a non 'Mistletoe and Wine' fashion.


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