Arcade Fire – Wake Up  

A powerful song that never gets old. When the vocals kick in you can't help but be touched, I saw them live not so long ago and seeing that energy bouncing off the crowd as the chorus kicked in was a moment I'll never forget.


LCD Soundsystem – Watch the Tapes


Ok... it's deadline time, it's 3 in the morning and you need to get shit done! This is the song you put on and work at the pace of a cheetah till the sun starts to rise! (The whole 'Sound of Silver album is packed full of club bangers)

Talking Heads – Girlfriend is Better   

When I listen to the chorus of this song it makes me want to dance around my house with an 80's jig! I'm also a bassist and you can't beat the crazy sounds that come from this girl's four string.


Neil Young – Heart of Gold


From a young age I never used to be a fan of Neil Young's music after hearing my dad playing it copious amounts of times whilst he was doing the washing up. However now I love his music and find it very nostalgic, particularly this song!


Chad Vangaalen – Bones of man

Chad Vangaalen's an all rounder; a great artist and a great musician. I've overplayed this song so much but I can't get enough of it, the stories he creates fit perfectly with his drawings and animations. This guy has an incredible mind and a neverending imagination.

Efterklang – Scandinavian Love  

A beautiful band that have the whole package including incredible artwork by Hvass and Hannibal; with such lovely harmonies and stunning song writing skills Efterklang have got to be in my playlist!

Smashing Pumpkins – 1979  

This is another nostalgic track for me, reminding me of the days home from school watching mtv2 none stop and coming across this wonderful track that never fails to make me smile.

Minus the Bear – Absinthe Party at the Fly Honey Warehouse  

Minus the Bear's early stuff is really great, full of guitar tapping and narratives that make you want to tour the world and see everything, perfect to listen to when on train journeys.

At the Drive in – Pattern Against User  

So sad that I never had the opportunity to see this band live before they split, such energy and excitement to make you want to jump through the ceiling!

The Bronx – Heart Attack American  

This is a loud one but perfect to finish on, when you need to wake up first thing in the morning and jump around the house/studio after a large mug of coffee it's the perfect soundtrack.


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