Ted Leo & The Pharmacists – Walking To Do  

Ted Leo makes music for Getting Shit Done, and there's no better example than this song. Good guys win! 

Archie Bell & The Drells – Tighten Up  

I typically like to augment my time in the studio with handclaps, at least once a day. This fills my quota neatly. 

Do Make Say Think – Reitschule  

I've played DMST's & Yet & Yet more than most albums while working - this one's a highlight. 

Max Richter – Horizon Variations  

Discovered Max Richter thanks to Radiolab – (another frequent studio favourite), who use this and others from The Blue Notebooks quite a bit. Lovely. 

Stars Of The Lid – The Daughters Of Quiet Minds  

Super peaceful drone like SOTL makes for good concentrating music. 

Akron/Family – River  

If it's just me in the studio, I usually belt out some pretty awful accompaniment to final third of this. 

The Beat – Save It For Later  

Another good one for hollering along to with your best Dave Wakeling impression. Mine is poor, but well-intentioned. 

Jack Kerouac – October In The Railroad Earth  

Kerouac made this album with Steve Allen and his band, and it's amazing - smoky, wistful, and perfect for slow afternoons. 

Paul Simon – April Come She Will  

Sweet little solo version of this from The Paul Simon Songbook. Always wish I knew an April to put this on a mix for. Or a June, July or August for that matter. 

Harry Belafonte – Jump In The Line  

Even if you can't coerce your studio furniture into some sort of paranormal hoedown (as at the end of Beetlejuice), this is still good fun. 

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