Usually there are plenty of people with proper music tastes around, so I can pass being put on the active music spot. 

When I lived in London I often had an alarm clock radio set on radio four for some noise.  Shipping Forecast. Now I mainly listen to the nearby police station. In the optimum situation I would love to hear these Dawn Chorus sounds where I was working. The school administrator at the Royal College of Art used to listen to a CD full of this so that the whole staircase sounded alive.

These guys are newcomers to the bird feeder outside my kitchen window here, Red Kardinal 

Was I in Finland peippo, pajulintu, sepelkyyhky, naurulokki, hernekerttu, sinitiainen, varis, korppi  could do live studio audio
(Aani D) 

Along with satakieli, lehtokerttu, pajulintu, keltasirkku, kaulushaikara, räkättirastas, peippo, teeri, sepelkyyhky, punakylkirastas, silkkikuikku, kurki, harmaasieppo, (lokki)
Aani I
I'm planning to go dance some Finnish tango this July. One of the highlights of Finnish summers is the  Tangomarkkinat, or tango festival, attracting more than 100,000 participants annually from a population of just over 5 million. Olavi Virta- Taysikuu (Full Moon)

Wish I could have been part of the recording team for this series of Sounds of Sea Animals,
Vol2: Florida
Sea Animals - Snapping Shrimp with Narration

Gladys Knight- Midnight Train to Georgia
I left on that midnight train to Georgia last year. Nearing Savannah, the sunrise was a crazy two tone show of just orange and black. I'd very much like to have the southern summer night crickets soundtrack on the playlist too. A grand lady performed the 'Midnight Train to Georgia'  to a crowd at the 14th Street Subway. Everyone (including me and my film camera) wholeheartedly joined in on the tuut-tuut train horn bit.

Train travel. Nice and slow. I'm slowly starting to write and train time is good isolation for it. Elizabeth Cotton- Freight Train

I don't know why, but I always thought this song was about Beautiful Animals. I just looked it up and it's about 'Bella the operator'. Nearly. Bjork- Bella Simamaer


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