Magnolia Electric Company – Rock Of Ages  

This is a bit of a challenge to narrow it down to 10 songs. I wasn't able to sneak in any Rolling Stones, Smiths, Belle & Sebastian, Mountain Goats, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash or even attempt to include hip hop. But I guess I have to start somewhere. And This one gets me every time…..


Jerry Lee Lewis – What's Made Milwaukee Famous (Has Made A Loser Out Of Me)


Growing up in Wisconsin and spending too much time at the bar for the last 20 years, this song falls a little too close to home but its still a favorite. So simple but so true. Im sure I'll get a tattoo of this song title some day unfortunately.

Gram Parsons – Return Of The Grievous Angel  

The combo of Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris brings a tear to my eye (especially if its after 2am and there is a bottle of van winkle special reserve 12yr on my desk). "Twenty thousand roads i went down, down, down / And they all lead me straight back home to you"

Spacemen 3 – Hey Man  

This is a rendition of a traditional gospel song from the sound of confusion record. I'm a sucker for the droned out drugged out space rock. It was hard to narrow it down to just one so I cheated and put in a Spiritualized song at the end.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre – Open Heart Surgery  

Great album title "Bravery, Repetition and Noise" and also one of my favorite bands. Lots of good records tucked into their catalog.

Minor Threat – Salad Days  

Listening to this really influenced me as a young skateboarder. Some might say its an easy pick by them but its makes my day every time I listen to it (which I have probably at least once a week for the last 10 years).

Misfits – Hybrid Moments  

Some might say another easy pick but I will never get tired of listening to the Misfits.

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Almost Cut My Hair  

I listen to this song every time I'm having a shit day in the studio and thinking about having to get a "real" job. By the time the song is done, I realize ill never get a "real" job.

Neil Young – Dreamin' Man  

Neil Young is someone who has inspired me so much its hard to really write about. This lyric sums up the painting I've been making for the last 8 years – "In the meadow dusk / I park my Aerostar / With a loaded gun / and sweet dreams of you."

Spiritualized – Lord Can You Hear Me  

"Lord can you hear me, when I call? Lord can you hear me, hear me at all?" this one is a real mother fucker when it kicks in at 3:43.

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