Andy Stevens

The Human League – Blind Youth  

Picked this track but could also have been Being Boiled by the same band or I'm Your Money or any track from the Penthouse and Pavement album by Heaven 17, the latter probably being my favourite album cover of all time and a definite inspiration for the 1991 GTF poster (and our name to a degree). I think I could post rationalise its attraction to me now as being about blending craft skill with cultural subversion but at the time I think its politics went over my head and I just thought it looked glamourous but 'wrong', in a good way!

I think this aesthetic of the awkward, the romance of the future and the appropriation and restyling of graphic cliches, the handshake, the corridors of power etc were shared enthusiasms that definitely led to myself and Paul collaborating on projects at college.

I'm your money was also a sleeve I remember pouring over, not least because it had the pantone references of the colours printed on the outside. I didn't know what they were, so I was quite thrilled when I later found out what this secret code meant.

Below is a link to an evocative video of (mostly) the Sheffield high rise landscape evoked, amazingly optimistically, in Phil Oakey's lyrics.


Led Zeppelin – Ramble On


Reminds me of early days in our first studio when most of our music was played on vinyl and the rough rule was that each of us could pick a side of an album (not both!) in rotation, though Led Zep II would often come out by common consent as dusk gathered and we imagined bleak 70's British rock festivals that we never attended.

I liked it for its refreshing lack of irony, just making huge chunks of great sound and it didn't sound at all out of place played back to back with something like Tied Up by Warp artists LFO .

Ink Spots – Stompin' at the Savoy  

Commercial but beautifully crafted popular culture.
What I put on at home after the physical battering of a days graphic designing.


Paul Smith


Herbie Hancock – Blind Man, Blind Man

This is an old album; for some reason I've turned back to the music I used to listen to years ago such as Herbie Hancock, John Coltrane, Miles Davies…
I find because there are no lyrics I can still work, if there are words I can get distracted!

Gonzales – Gogol  

This is what I have on if I'm working in the studio.

Fleet Foxes – Helplessness Blues  

If I am traveling then on my iPod I'll listen to lots of new stuff like Fleet Foxes, The XX, Mumford and sons, Jack White… there are lots more but these are the ones that leap out!


Carol Morley

Tony Orlando and Dawn – Missing That Girl  

I tend to construct the soundtrack to a film before I make it. With Dreams of a Life I had a number of songs that I played during developing, writing and while we were shooting. This is one song that never made it to the soundtrack.

Neil MacArthur – She's Not There  

The following song I play all the time at the moment as I'm writing a film set in the late '60's about hysterical adolescent school girls and it helps me get in the right mood.

Alice Temple – Forgive Me  

I'm a big fan of Alice Temple and try and use her music in my films whenever I can. I love her sound and play her music for inspiration regularly.


Roel Wouters

Jan Turkenburg – In My Spaceship  

The original unpretentious goodbye song of teacher Jan Turkenburg and his students that magically turned into a high profile dance hit.

Hausmagger – Die stad is van Ons  

This Dutch song is about two old friends who want to get drunk in town without their girlfriends. It has typical Dutch humor going on. Hausmagger is one half of the infamous Dutch comedian duo 'Rembo & Rembo'. My childhood heroes.

Light Light – Kilo  

We are listening to it a lot lately since we at studio Moniker are working on a music video for it. The video will be - just as - an homage to the cursor as it slowly disappears from our computing devices.


Bompas & Parr

Peter Andre – Mysterious Girl  

The most played song on shamefaced Sam's iTunes. Since this was discovered two years ago, Peter Andre himself has overcome his fear of heights with our 30ft chocolate climbing wall. He was slathered in hot sticky chocolate by the end.

Pizza Kids – We Like Pizza  

Pizza - the sultan of savour for your experienced palate. At the studio we feast on pizza while working through the night. This song is so irritating it helps keep you awake.

Portcullis – Phaser Horror (extended version)  

This is the soundtrack for our next installation, the Waft that Woos, a mirror maze navigable by nose at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford. It will be accompanied by the scent of Shakespearian love oils.


Tom Roope

I Ran – A Flock of Seagulls  

It reminds me of my teenage years. It was also a significant song as it became a huge international hit with the emergence of MTV. The UK based new romantics seemed to be the only people who had a big bag of indulgent videos that MTV broadcast to frighten middle America.

Balanescu Quartet – Model  

I remember being in the car on Oxford Street in the early 80s when I first heard Kraftwerk's 'The Model'. It was January and the Christmas lights were still up. The lights that year consisted of only 2 lasers, one running down Oxford Street and the other up Regents Street. It felt like we were driving into the future, and Kraftwerk had written the score. I like Balanescu Quartets version of it as it really shows how beautifully crafted the whole song is.

Underworld – Dark & Long (dark train)  

Good memories of working with Underworld and tomato on trainspotting, without picking the obvious underworld song


Eike Konig

Alt J – Fitzpleasure  

Mood Changer.

Friends – Mind Control  

Something New.

Pulp – Common People  

British Classic.


Giles Duley

Massive Attack – Five Man Army  

A lot of my time is spent editing photos, which can be a laborious, lonely and painful process. Music is so important to my sanity when working on my edits. Massive attack has always been a companion to these whiskey fuelled night-long sessions...

Lynyrd Skynyrd – Freebird  

When both on location taking photos and at home editing, there are times when I just want to get lost in music for a moment. Everyone should have a track to just rock out to and this has always been mine. It seems to reflect both my happiest and saddest moments, though the memory that sticks in my mind is a group of bemused Murle tribesman watching me playing air guitar to Freebird in South Sudan.

Bobby Darin – Beyond the Sea  

I don't really like being far from home but of course my work takes me to some of the most remote, distant places on this planet. When on location I have a terrible longing for all that is familiar and this song always gives me a moment when I feel closer to home and the people I love.


Quentin Jones

Nina Simone – Sinnerman  

Nina Simone reminds me of my dad playing blues music on a Sunday. Maybe I like playing her in my studio because it gets me into that Sunday homework mood from childhood.

Talking Heads – This Must Be The Place  

Speaking In Tongues is one of my most regular albums to listen to while I work. For some reason it doesn't affect my concentration, like some of my other favourite music.

Frank Ocean – Pyramids  

I think Channel Orange is my best album of recent times. The whole thing is awesome.


Grant Orchard
Neutral Milk Hotel – King of Carrot Flowers Part 1  

This is the first song on one of my favourite albums to work to.
Jeff Magnum's voice has passion that can be quite contagious.

Pavement – ShadyLane/J Vs. S  

It's a bit dirty and low-fi, but sophisticated. A useful antidote for when my work becomes too polished, too slick and too full of itself.


New Order – Bizarre Love Triangle (Shep Pettibone Extended Remix)


It's the beat. The beat! It's better than a cup of coffee to get me positive and energised if I'm flagging.


Lucy McRae

Cat Power – Ruin  

Makes me feel good, moves the molecules around my body in the right direction.

Alt J – Tesselate  

One of those ones that you play until you kill it.


Max Richter – The Trees


Take me on a journey.


Sonya Dyakova

Isaak Schwartz – Hermitage (from Melodies of the White Night)  

This is a track written by a legendary composer Isaak Schwartz for a soviet film Melodies of the White Night, 1976. It's a love story. During the Second World War, Schwartz directed one of the sections of the Red Army Choir. During that time, he met Mariya Dmitriyevna, the sister of Russian composer Dmitri Shostakovich, who introduced him to her brother. Shostakovich helped Schwartz gain entry to the Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory in Leningrad, from whence he graduated with a diploma in composition in 1951. He joined the Union of Soviet Composers in 1955. Only years later did he discover that Shostakovich had paid for his education. When Shostakovich was dismissed from the Conservatory, Schwartz was asked to denounce Shostakovich, but he refused. He went on to compose the music for more 30 plays and 100 films.

Romanian Song (this is a title I gave it myself!)  

I have no clue what is the title, who is the composer of this song or who performs it. I love it so much. I fell out badly with the person who gave me this song on CD, and now I can't find out what it is! I think the song may be in Romanian or Moldavian... a kind of gypsy song that makes you want to cry. It makes me think of Kusturika films and my roots- where I was born in the town of Chernovtsy at the Carpathian foothills, not far from Romania, Moldova, and Hungary.


Brigitte Bardot – Coquillages et Crustacés


This song just makes me think of camping holidays in France. I love Bardot.Coquillages et Crustacés


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