Witch – Changing  

Heavy, mean, magical. It takes me to another world where I become a black magician. I turn it up really loud.


Queens of the Stoneage – Mosquito Song


I love this song I think it's about dying, about our physical impermanence. I often think about songs to play when I die - I want this played at my funeral.

Steeleye Span – Thomas The Rhymer  

I'm a child of the seventies, my dad had an awesome music collection which I have inherited. This song is about a man who meets an Elf queen and gets taken away and shown the road to righteousness. You should google the lyrics and read as you listen. Steeleye Span are amazing, all their songs are stories and tales. Maddy Prior's voice is so beautiful.


Dinosaur Jr – Freakscene


For anyone in their late thirties who grew up in Birmingham I shall just say those two magic words: The Hummingbird.


Nirvana – Where Did You Sleep Last Night

I knew this from a young kid - my dad had the original Leadbelly song. 
Nirvana changed my life; my friend turned to me on an A level course field trip and said "put these headphones on"
He pressed play and out came Negative Creep off their first album Bleach. I would have put it on this list but it's kind of an acquired taste! Everything changed in my life after that. I went from a shirt and v-neck wearing boy to a Grunge teenager.
We saw Nirvana on their first ever UK tour at a place called Goldwyns in Birmingham, it was a tiny club like a little shoebox. L7 (Courtney Love) were supporting.
Kurt Cobain killed himself not long after this Unplugged session, you can kind of tell when you hear it that something is not right with him.

Ennio Morricone – Per Qualche Dollaro In Più  

This is from the soundtrack of For A Few Dollars More. If someone has done you wrong, if you are feeling hard done by, if you need to pick yourself up off the floor, listen to this track.
(This is also a future funeral song!)

Brian Eno & David Byrne – Regiment  

Another childhood throw-back, this song is kind of imprinted in my mind!

Talking Heads – Seen And Not Seen  

It was really hard to pick one Talking heads track, they are all so amazing. I wanted to pick something less obvious, Remain in Light is an incredible album.
This is a fascinating song.

Mike Oldfield – Taurus 1  

Mike Oldfield, God Father of prog... His music means so much to me that I can't begin to describe. I cant really listen to it any more unless I want to cry. My Childhood, my father, my sister. His music is so emotional. This track is epic - over 10 minutes long.

Aphex Twin – Polygon Window  

From my 'daze' in the early nineties. Turn the volume right up.


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