David Bowie – After All  

I love Bowie, but he's played to death, so I have to go to lesser known tracks to get my fix. This is my current favourite. The first track from this album  (Width of a Circle) is also lovely. I put this track here also to represent Roxy, as the two reflect in my mind. My favourite current Roxy is Trash.

009 Sound System – Born To Be Wasted  

I met the guy who made this years ago, but only a few times, and never kept in touch with him. He was called Sandy Perls then. I came across this track quite by accident as it's all over You Tube. FM Rock Nihilism. 

Dantalian's Chariot – Madman Running Through The Fields  

60s Psych Rock is one of my favourite musical playgrounds. This one is pretty obscure, and is also here as a marker for early Pink Floyd, The Small Faces, Kaleidoscope, HP Lovecraft and a load of others. There is also a pretty good version of this track by Cranium Pie, but this is the original. For some reason it's credited here as 'Madman' but I'm pretty sure it's the Dantalan's Chariot version.

Wire – The 15th  

I love Wire, and this is my favourite one of theirs. The first two albums are pretty perfect.

Magazine – Because You're  Frightened  

Magazine too, but it's harder to choose a fave. Might as well be this one. They played earlier this year and I missed them. Really annoying.

Harry Nilsson – The Moonbeam Song  

This calms me down. I love the sound of Nilsson's voice. And it reminds me of my dad.

The Snivelling Shits – I Can't Come  

Great guitar riff. A strangely meditative Amphetamine rant. 

The Velvet Underground – Jesus  

This is a bit of a boring choice but it really is great; again, so calming. But I have to say on the whole I find them a bit patchy and self conscious.

Lio – Banana Split  

I ♥ Lio. The videos of this and Amoureux Solitaires are just brilliant. Beautiful trash. I wish I'd met her when I was a singer in the Eighties. We could have made beautiful music together I'm sure.

Glenn Gould – Goldberg Variations  

This is also one of my calming choices, great for working. I do listen to quite a lot of classical music, but this represents.

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