Wow, it's really difficult to nail down ten songs out of all the amazing songs that I listen to whilst in the studio. So maybe i'll break it down into three categories, I think that would be best.

There are three stages of how I make work, and to accompany each stage I have different songs that I put on.

Stage 1 "Thinking Time"

Firstly, I need to think about what I'm about to make. For this stage I normally play music that is a little lighter (or if its a loud or a jerky track I just turn it down a notch).

Patti Smith – Kimberly  

I enjoy the descriptive language on this track, its very visual, but not too distracting. It also has a great beat - a nice foot tapper. 

Michael Andrews – Orange meets Lemon  

I love the noodley Guitar and piano interludes between the vocal pieces. It's really inspiring for drawing characters.

Joanna Newsom – Bridges and Balloons  

I really like the sound of her voice, its very unique and quite relaxing. She sounds a bit like an elf or a pixie or something, which really suits the lyrics. I also like her reference to the Chronicles of Narnia, it's very inspiring for drawing fairytale pictures.


Stage 2 "Motivation"

The second stage is when I know what I'm going to make, but maybe it needs some tweaking, so that calls for something optimistic, energetic and upbeat. Also, if this is after lunch I always need something to liven me up or I might get the get the lunch slump. 


Devo – That's Good  

Its just got a good beat for getting things done… its got a positive tune. That's the best way I can describe it. Also I always imagine the way that Devo dress and act while singing this song, which is fun to imagine while you're working.  

The Modern Lovers – Roadrunner  

This is a super simple song, but its really cheerful and energetic.  
As a opening track of an album its a bloody powerful. 

Buddy Holly and the Crickets – Well… All Right  

Again it's a super simple song which is really upbeat. I love the guitar on this song. It's a really easy song to listen to. 


The last Stage is when I'm coming to the end of the day or the start of the night… depends on what I have left to do. So I've picked two tracks; one is a song that I would go for if I was going to do a long night of work and one if I was going to unwind for the evening. 


John Leyton – Johnny Remember Me  

This track would be one that I would pick if I was preparing for a long night, say if I had to wrap up a project for the next day. I would choose this song because its really atmospheric, its like watching an old western film, you can imagine the scenes and characters. It's also really energetic with the guitar strumming sounding like stampeding wild horses. Good for getting work finished.

Jethro Tull – Bourrée  

This a good relaxing tune for the end of the day. Really love the sound of the recorder at the start of this track. The bass and the recorder sounds like someone walking though a forest. I especially like the end when the recorder goes into some crazy solo, its great!

Bonus tracks 

I've included two bonus tracks, for times of stress or if I need a bit of inspiration. 


Neil Young – After the Gold Rush  

In moments of stress this is one of my favourites…I really enjoy the piano intro.

The Beatles – Yellow Submarine  

I have also left a space for tracks that inspire me to draw. This is one of my all time favourites. I like the audio interludes such as the brass band and the shouting sailors (good when thinking of characters and scenes to draw.)  

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