Vincent Gallo – Honey Bunny

There's a thin line between good and bad and that's where Vincent Gallo is. But when you are on this line you just get ultimate beauty. 


Norken+Deer – Migrating Deserts


Norken because of Hydrogen Dukebox, designed by my dear friends Chris and Mark Thomson of StudioThomson. 

Autechre – Glitch  

Back in 1996 when I worked in London, we used to play a lot of Underworld, Chemical Brothers and Orbital. Autechre also was part of the bunch. I love the memory of those crisps sounds. London in 1996 was all Blur and Britpop, when we worked hours and hours in a Salem Road studio then go for a couple of pints at the Rat & Parrot. But London in those days reminds me of parties at the Heavenly Social and The Blue Note. The electronic side of town.


Jeremy Jay – Lunar Camel


A Siouxie Song by Jeremy Jay. He is a regular on our playlists at Coast. I love its simplicity.


Liars – Who Is The Hunter 

Love the entire album. This track reminds me of Coast party on 21st of december (the last day on earth).

DAF – Absolute Köperkontrolle  

DAF, one of the most under-estimate electro bands. They have built albums of uncompromising minimalist electro pop. This track is not my favorite DAF track but it shows their instrumental side. I have been listening to DAF since 1985. In those days, most of the music I was listening to was electronic Music: Front 242, Depeche Mode, Fad Gadget, Clock DVA, Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Portion Control… all that stuff.

Gui Boratto – The Drill  

This song is on a running playlist I did when I went to Miami for a job last year. I remember being up quite early. I was staying at the Standard Hotel. It was a great may day, with plenty of sunshine and already hot at 6am. I jogged from the hotel to the beach, passing SUV's, early day busses. From the hotel to the beach I jogged on Lincoln road. On the beach, I walked for 15 minutes, the air was so fresh and no-one was there - except other joggers. The day in Miami went on (a day of scouting - a day of meetings) and the day after we played the song during the shooting. A great memory.

The Cure – 10.15 Saturday Night  

A great song, a beautiful way of starting a day. It could be snowing or full summer, this song is so precise, so energetic and fresh that it can be played any day. Have a look at their original video, they are so young, and so intense.


Keith Jarrett – I Love You Porgy


One of my favorite Jarrett albums. Very approachable, very easy to listen too, and very sad too. I can see there's light outside but the rain is pouring.

The Divine Comedy – Charmed Life  

A last song. I always thought this could be a great funeral song. Everyone singing the lyrics in the church. Its a naive song, but in the good way.  

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