Modern Jazz Quartet – Ralph's New Blues  

I've had this album since I was about 16years old, a decidedly cool track. From an album called Concorde by the Modern Jazz Quartet . With its pink and blue cover photograph of the Place De la Concorde in Paris this American Modern Jazz record always makes me think of rainy April streets of Paris, Godard films, pure modernist aesthetic and Berets for men…wonderful! I love Berets by
the way and think that it is now time to reclaim them… men!! Rise up !! Berets are THE must have thing for the season. You heard it here first…

Chance Halliday – Burn Me Deep  

This so called 'Popcorn' record is the perfect blend of rock n roll rhythm and blues. I love it's dark connotations and it's unbridled vocal by Chance's usually croonery voice… Bury me deep bury me deep bu-ur-ry yyy Me Deeep! Shivering stuff.

Curtis Lee – Is She In Your Town  

This record's been played so much in my studio. It's from the sound track of my short film Young Souls, even though I've heard this R'n'B Northern Soul crossover track thousands of times now I still love it. That is the case for all the tracks on the film, in fact I want to get all of them on original vinyl 45's. One day… This will be an expensive task though, 'Is She in your Town' alone has in the past sold for 619 U.S. dollars. Gulp.

The MVPS – Turning My Heart Beat Up  

This is a really uplifting record whenever I here it it makes me feel energized. For those who might not know it was used in a Granada TV programme called "ThisEngland'. It was a 1970's documentary introducing 'outsiders' to the world of Northern Soul. Met with very mixed feelings from the Soul community as it drew great attention to the 'underground' scene. It's on youtube if you want to see it.
Anyway, 'Turning My Heartbeat Up' is a sensational track!

Joe Bataan – Subway Joe  

I DJ with a guy that goes under the name of Si Cheeba, a top fellow. We have great fun doing our Black Cat nights, Si does a great dance to this track by Joe Bataan and Mr. Cheeba is also the 'unofficial king of latin boogaloo'. So there… what about that then.

Ripple – I Don't Know What It Is But It Sure Is Funky  

When we are working away in the studio I put on many different internet radio Shows. WFMU in NEW YORK has the great Mr. Finewine show, and we listen to Pelirocco Platters from Brighton but one of my absolute top favorites is this is the sort of track you might hear on it. I've done a
couple of shows for them the music is dependent on the guest dj and the style of presentation is homegrown so not polished and fancy but I love it. This is real people projecting the music they love.

Lopez Walker – Send Another Moses  

Love a bit of Reggae ska and dub so this is a very good example of what I love.

Hollie Cook – Body Beat  

I am really keen on finding new good stuff… Hollie Cook has a great sound going and interesting back story that she will most probably get bored with people mentioning but it is interesting that she is Paul Cook from the Sex Pistols daughter. The quality of the prince fatty production and backup musicians makes her music new and yet have a toe in the past without being cheesy. So turn it
up… reminds me of althea and donna which can't be bad.

Alabama Shakes – Hold On  

This Band are gonna be big. I went to Florida recently with the Arctic Monkeys, and this band are one of Alex turners favs. I'd never heard of them but when I heard them I can see why he likes them so much. They haven't travelled to the UK yet but when they going to 'Blow up' big time… so tune in now. So strangely they remind me of that trip and excite me for the future.

Small Faces – Tin Soldier  

Well what can I say, Steve Marriott is my all time hero. He had a sensational voice, so Soulful, a Mod (modernist) icon of course. The Small Faces never got the credit they were due, and many of Humble Pie's (Marriott's band after The Small Faces) tracks were amazing just listen to this

Well I skipped the Acid house, the folk stuff the minimal Nordic ambience the Balearic Tunes etc etc. All are played regularly and have significance and act as musical sign posts through my life but I've got to stop somewhere… So maybe there will be a volume 2.

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