The Doors – Riders On The Storm  

Best intro to a song. Ever!


The Cure – Saturday Night


I like The Cure generally, so this is one of many that stands out, and fits well with...

The Velvet Underground – Sunday Morning  

This song has always felt like a Sunday Morning and I love it for that reason. Kind of feels like a coffee, Sunday paper, natural light shining into a a bay windowed Victorian room.


The Orb – Little Fluffy Clouds


I used to put this on every night to fall asleep to, out of habit more than anything. Reminds me of being 16ish.


Ella Fitzgerald – How High The Moon

Scat heaven!

The Kinks – David Watts  

fa fa fa fa fa faa fa fa

Bitchy Groove – Popof  

Electronic / acid madness

Ramones - Blitzkreig Bop  

Reminds me of being in CBGBs. I used to hate the Ramones but have liked them for a while now.

Tones – Nova Nova  

Summer / sun / relax

10th is any good electronic music / deep house music mixes. I find songs too short and the change of song sometimes disruptive to my work, so a two hour long mix of fairly subliminal electronic music is good for workflow and concentration.  



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