Sister Nancy – Bam Bam  

Reminds me of when I first left home to live with friends. Freedom and free time at art school…Good times!

Gil Scott Heron – The Bottle


This is what I learnt to dance to when I frequented the "Acid Jazz" nights at Colchester Arts Centre when I was a youngster. Totally timeless and cosmic.

Bjork – I Go Humble  

Always motivational to remind myself of what inspired me when I was growing up - to create uplifting work.


Storm Queen – Look Right Thru


Recommended to me by the magnificent T.E.E.D, this track gets stuck on repeat a lot. The story behind the song is also amazing – the vocalist was discovered singing on the sidewalk in NY. Listen to the lyrics and it all becomes apparent. A little sentiment to have a reality check.

Janelle Monae – Wondaland  

An incredible live act full of energy and fun – she's genuinely having a blast which is contagious. I listen to the whole album from beginning to end, It's a perfect journey, but this is the stand out ethereal tune.

Malcolm McLaren – Deep In Vogue  

I've only just found out about this incredible classic so I keep playing it to catch up on lost time. I also like to have a little laugh at the career I'm doing instead of getting caught up in the ridiculous stress. I much prefer to fantasise about the aspirational dreams of "executive realness" from Harlem Vogue balls than the current commerce of the industry.

Wamdue Project – King Of My Castle  

Always need a daily dose of garage. Between 11-12 we listen to Kisstory, it's a shared passion of a genre with my studio mate Kim Howells. Sometimes we have video battles, taking it in turns to play a tune on youtube and out do each other on finding the funniest dance floor filler from back in the day.

Les Rita Mitsouko – Andy  

I'm addicted to Radio 6. One Christmas I was so lonely working on my own in the studio that the only voices I heard from day to day were the djs. I rang in to be Steve Lamacq's guest to have someone to talk to! This was the track I chose for my good day / bad day choice.

ODB – Shimmy Shimmy Ya  

This is the song that comes on at the end of the week when its time to put down the paintbrush and pick up a Red Stripe.

Massive Attatck – Hymn Of The Big Wheel  

This just puts everything into perspective and sends a shiver down my spine.

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