Jacky – White Horses  

I like to regress slightly in the studio, to go back to my childhood in some way, and this song does it every time. White Horses was a very strange children's television programme I used to watch when I was growing up, made in Yugoslavia. I love Jacky's voice, dreamlike and seductive at the same time.


David Essex/Doves mash-up. Go Home Productions/Mark Vidler- Essex Doves


I work with collage, and I like to listen to the sonic equivalent. Not all mash-ups work, but this one hits the spot. Rock On, by David Essex has never sounded so desperate. A track from Go Home Productions, mixing David Essex's "Rock On" with "Firesuite" from the Doves.

Suicide – Ghost Rider  

Makes me want to dance every time. Baby, baby he's screaming the truth. America, America is killing its youth. Repetition in music helps me when I am working, and this has a real passion.


Pulp – Live On (Mark Goodier Session - from Pulp His'n'Hers Deluxe Edition)


This sounds like Jarvis is literally exploding as he struggles to survive the loss of his girlfriend leaving him. 'I tried to listen to some records but they were all singing about you'. So hard to choose one track as Pulp are constantly on my playlist.

Dr Alimantado – Born for a Purpose / Reason for Living  

A driving beat, inspirational lyrics and the only time I have ever heard the word 'Gosh' used in a song. Based on a real life near death experience in Kingston, Jamaica in the 1970's. 'If you feel like you have no reason for living, don't determine my life, Gosh!'

Jean Jacques Perrey – E.V.A.  

I first heard this track played out by Martin Green at the club Smashing in the early 1990's. Smashing was the best nightclub I have ever been to in my life. The brainchild of Matthew Glamorre. Hazy memories of the lit-up dance floor at Eve's, great music, amazing people, sexy and sleazy. Pulp filmed the video for Disco 2000 at the venue.

The Fall – Blindness (John Peel session version)  

I just can't stand still listening to this bass-led monster. My wife and I love to dance to this beast at 4am in the morning, in our house, after a heavy night on the tiles. Eyes wide open . . . blind man, have mercy on me!

Rammellzee & K-Rob – Beat Bop  

'Beat Bop' is a trippy, ten minute tour de force by American rappers Rammellzee and K-Rob, originally released in 1983 by record label Tartown. The record cover was designed by famed New York artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. My favourite hip-hop record ever, experimental, chaotic, the natural continuation of punk. Get funky in the place . . .

Brigitte Bardot / Serge Gainsbourg – Contact  

Made in 1967, music by Serge Gainsbourg. Check out the video on YouTube. Bardot sings surrounded by space age kinetic sculpture, this is how I imagined the future to look and sound. What happened?

David Bowie – I Dig Everything  

This swings with a great organ groove from 1966. Bowie's timing is impeccable, reminds me of living in London and loving everything I saw and heard. An optimist's song.


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