Roger Miller – Oo-De-Lally  

I think one of the first films I can remember seeing is Disney's Robin Hood, with that inexplicable american rooster playing country folk on a lute. He was Roger Miller, and a fine cockerel he made to.


Paul Simon – Me and Julio down by the Schoolyard


This summer may of been a wash out, but one thing that always makes it cheerier is Paul Simon. One of best memories of last summer is getting to watch him from the stage at Glastonbury. A wrinkly old midget pumped full of love rays.

Talking Heads – Once in a lifetime  

This was the first record I ever owned, if you disregard a free 7" that came on a packet of Frosties once. It reminded me of "The Flight of the Navigator", can you even imagine what it would be like to wake up after 20 years and the first 2 humans you see are David Byrne doing a dance and Sarah Jessica Parker feeding you chow from a robots stomach hole.


 Stephen Malkmus – Jo Jo's Jacket


The video for this track has kittens playing guitars, and Yul Brynners head floating around space. I can't fault it, it's pop and it's brilliant and I want to buy it a lovely dinner.


Fugazi – Waiting Room

Gruff and grumpy. Fugazi make the sort of music I wish I could make, if I had some life experience and cool tattoos.

Dirty Projectors + David Byrne – Knotty Pine  

I've heard this song a ton of times and it still makes my feet warm. It's so infectious and fun to listen to, I think it's on every playlist on my computer.


Stapleton - Chez Chef


I still have my T-shirt from my first Stapleton gig. The arm pits have gone, and the print is all but faded but I love it. This band were my most listened to when I was 16. They'll make you feel like your riding a go-kart down unicorn mountain.

Pixies – Gigantic  

Last year I went to see Pixies at The Troxy. They were perfect, and the venue sold hot dogs in the lobby. Old fat men and a woman playing perfect songs whilst I ate pigs ears and hoof.

Pulp – Do you remember the first time?  

I got to see Pulp twice this year, and honestly I'd never been a big fan. The whole brit pop thing kind of went over my head. But after catching their secret show at Glastonbury, and then them at the Brixton Academy I can honestly say I'm a convert. Cocker is a lithe and liquid wizard of whimsy, every lyric so smart and thought out in an almost effortless way. Poetry and pop getting off with each other all over your mums best table cloth.

Nick Cave and Warren Ellis – Rather Lovely Thing  

I listen to a ton of film scores when in the studio. As a composer Nick Cave can rival anyone, with his ability to conjure atmosphere and feeling into lyric-less music beyond impressive. This track from the sound track of "The assassination of Jesse James by the coward Robert Ford" is just one example of how right he gets it, pure ether. The whole album is perfect late night/dawn working music.


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