Buffalo Springfield – Flying On The Ground Is Wrong  

Just a beautiful song. That's all I have to say about it really.

The Kinks – Set Me Free  

I just love this tune. If I'm walking around sometimes and a song just pops into my head, it's more likely to be this one more than any others.

Ron Sexsmith – Whatever It Takes  

I only discovered Ron recently on a TV program called 'Songwriters circle' and I immediately fell in love with him as a person. So this is a song he wrote which the chart singer Michael Bublé had massive international success with. This is obviously the Ron Sexsmith version, as the song was meant to sound.

Ed Harcourt – Do As I Say Not As I Do  

I'm not really that good about talking about music. The main reason I like songs isn't because of the lyrics or some kind of sentimental feeling, I just like the sound of them. My mum used to say that and it used to annoy me but now I've realised I'm the same as her. I love a good tune.

Frankie Valli And The Four Seasons - The Night (1972 Album Version)  

It's all about the killer bassline that this one starts with, it's so strong!
I don't know a lot about Northern Soul, but I think this is quite a big song on that circuit. Like a lot of stuff that really excites me (breakdancing, skateboarding, football hooligans), Northern Soul is something I have no involvement in, I'm just interested in it and love watching old videos of it. I guess that's why I like this song.

Chase & Status feat Liam Bailey – Blind Faith  

I actually got into this song when people said to me "you have to watch this video". The whole Rave culture is another thing I didn't actively take part in (I was a bit to young) but in the early 90's I obsessively followed 'the scene' from my safe middle class bedroom in Kent. So the video for this track brought back a lot of memories of something I was really into. It's just so well done as well, so I couldn't help get into the song.

KRS-One – MC's Act Like They Don't Know  

I'm a big hip hop fan, especially 90's stuff. This tune is just massive. It's big, loud and powerful and sums up what a lot of hip hop is about for me. I love the brashness, the arrogance and the swagger of it.
That piano break and that beat, it's impossible not to head nod to it.

Wu-Tang Clan – Protect Ya Neck  

For a boy growing up in a small white middle class village in Kent, I cannot explain how exciting it was when The Wu-Tang Clan landed! It's loud, it's aggressive, it's black, it's violent, it's literally everything I wanted. This track still excites me and if I'm listening to it on headphones walking along the pavement, I feel 10ft tall!

Le Tigre – Deceptacon  

I love this, it's fast and it feels like something that teenagers should like.
It makes me feel like I'm sitting on the pavement with really tight jeans and some scruffy Vans and a can of Red Stripe. So it makes me feel young to like this which is a good thing.

Radiohead – Knives Out  

It's probably not 'cool' to like Radiohead but I fucking love them!
This is my favourite Radiohead song. When I'm listening to this on headphones I probably screw my face up a bit as Thom squeezes his words out and people might think that I'm having a stroke.

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