Wild Nothing – Vultures Like Lovers  

This song feels like a good open space, which is a good place to start the day before the clutter builds up.

Button Head – Pyrenees Mountains  

I like walking and this sounds like a soundtrack to an endless walk. Also is has a good pace to accompany the journey of a drawing.

The Zombies – Time Of The Season  

An English pub in the middle of a Californian dessert is probably my perfect landscape, and this would be on the juke box

Ariel Pink – Every Night I Die At Miyagis  

A reminder to try to make work that seems to be effortlessly crafted but has heart.

Abner Jay – I'm So Depressed  

A big thank you to Ben Branagan who introduced me to the heart wrenching raw honesty of Abner Jay.

These New Puritans – Thought Rush  

This puts you right in the middle of the action of an unknown narrative, were everything is seething, waiting to erupt or end with tragedy. This is where I would like my pictures to exist.

Wu-Tang – Protect Ya Neck  

From their debut album, this is such an unapologetic announcement to the world of their arrival. A good reminder to believe in what you do.

Pixies – Bone Machine  

Anything from the Surfer Rosa album could have been here. Probably my favorite and most played record. Still sounds as good now as it did when they changed everything for me at the age of 11.

Dufus – Lay Down Flat  

I tend not to pay to much attention to whole lyrics but like it when a song provides me with a word or sentence I can use. There's a couple of goodies here plus the best of all the instruments, the cello.

David Bowie – A New Career In A New Town  

At the end of the day this song equally makes me want to put down my pencil and dance or sit with a pint somewhere whilst a giant meteorite plummets towards earth ending what has been a pointlessness existence. A hard balance to achieve in one son.

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