Paul Simon – Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes

It's nostalgic and optimistic at the same time and just a great way to start out the day in the studio.


Efterklang – Told To Be Fine


I saw them play in the Barbican with the Nordic Symphonica and the next time I watched them was a small gig in Istanbul which was so different but just as amazing. 

Hellraiserten – Apply Tonight  

Another (but much smaller) Danish band here- I love the vocals and the energy of the songs - great listening for productive creativity sessions.

The Black Angels – Yellow Elevator 2


Entrancing neo-psychedelia for getting you into the creativity zone.


Atoms for Peace – Before Your Very Eyes

Always a fan of anything Thom Yorke.

Black Keys – Everywhere I Go  

Guitars make me happy.

Ali Farka Toure & Toumani Diabate – Sabu Yerkoy   

Incredible Malian sounds. Legendary guitar player and kora player playing together.

Neil Young – Only Love Can Break Your Heart  

We don't generally listen to playlists in the studios - mostly we put an album or artist on spotify and then run through their albums - so most music choices are classics with consistently amazing output.


Philip Glass – Morning Passages


Generally whilst I am writing I need classical music playing, and I find that especially soundtrack piano pieces are conducive to getting your head down and getting those words out.


Choir of Young Believers – Claustrophobia 


Ending off with another Danish band. I moved the studio to Copenhagen this summer, and I am very much enjoying the musical culture here and all the great bands.

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