Bob Wiills And His Texas Playboys – Big Ball's in Cowtown  

I draw a lot of cowboy pictures. As a young lad growing up in the industrial wastelands of Leeds I used to escape to the cinema three times a week. Every second feature was a cowboy B movie. I was inundated in tumbling tumbleweed for years and Gabby Hayes stomped through the dust of my febrile brain firing off his six shooter and shouting " Goldurn it !". Bob Wills brings all this back so vividly as I sit here in my studio. Yee Haw!

Hank Williams –  Swing Wide Your Gate of Love    

If Sigmund Freud ever wore a stetson - this is the song he would sing on the Louisiana Hayride. Go Sigmund go !

The Blue Sky Boys –  S - A -V -E –D  

Long before Tammy Wynette sang D-I-V-O-R-C-E Bill and Earl Bolick recorded this classic of grammatical precision. I love country and western brother harmonies - all the way through the Louvin Brothers to the Everlys

The Ukulele Orchestra Of Great Britain – Theme from Shaft  

The best live band in the land. I've seen them perform this live on numerous occasions and still sends a tingle down my spine. I listen to all their albums quite a lot in the studio. The arrangements are simple sublime and the picking is superb.

The Coasters – I'm A Hog For You Baby  

I love all the Coasters records. Great lyrics by Lieber and Stoller. This track has THE best guitar solo EVER. Just listen and you'll be blown away by the audacity of it.....

The Dezurik Sisters –  The Arizona Yodeller  

I am a BIG fan of the yodel and this is a fine example of the art.

Les Primitifs Du Futur –  Sous Le Toits de Paris  

This is a great band of musicians - one of whom , Fay Lovsky plays the musical saw on this track. It's heaven.

The Louvin Brothers – Satan Is Real  

Another great duet. Two Brothers and a timely message for us all.

Ioannis Papaioannou – Glendi Ke Horos Serviko  

My good friend Charlie Howard introduced me to the wonders of Greek rembetika. This is really hot finger picking on the bouzouki !

The Tweedy Brothers- – Shortnin Bread  

This is a rare example of a hillbilly sound with a stomping piano. it reminds me of an English country fair spinning out of control. You can almost see the May Pole revolving at 78 rpm. It's BRILLIANT.

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