LL Cool J - Going Back to Cali

Watch the video its beautifully shot and cool at the same time.


Slapshot - Get it away (SSD)


Hardcore legends Slapshot covers a song by SSD... the lyrics are about
the hatred of cigarettes, something I relate to.

Riff Raff – Rap Game Patrick Ewing  

Riif Raff is entertaining, refreshing,and also very good. This song
has such a catchy beat I keep listening to it.

Immortal – Tyrants


I love the guitar playing of Abbath. Great riff by these black metal masters.


Iron Maiden – Hallowed be thy Name

The ultimate stadium song. I will listen to metal forever. I love that
metal is never in style yet always alive.

Inquisition - Hymn for a dead star  

Weird yet intriguing black metal song.

The Ventures – The Bat  

Early surf song that creates a weird cinematic mood.

Sepultura – Arise  

Really fast and really aggressive thrash metal at its best.


Ramones – Danny Says


This is when the Ramones really tried to make mainstream music.
They're too weird to be accepted by the public at large but their
attempt is awesome.

Elvis Presley – Blue Moon  

Nice subtle Elvis song.

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