I share a studio with two boys, there's only a slight overlap in what we listen to. Generally when I walk through the door, their music stops abruptly! I like to think what I put on is enjoyed by all, but they'd probably disagree. I think they find it depressing. I suppose I have a melancholic disposition, I tend to veer towards music that makes me cry!

Fairport Convention – Autopsy  

The voice of Sandy Denny, It's just beautiful. Brilliant record cover too. 


Faces – Ooh La La


Rod Stewart, when he was actually a little bit cool. 

The Smiths – Well I Wonder  

I think I've listened to The Smiths too much, which is probably responsible for my miserable taste in music. I literally could have chosen any Smith's songs. This one gets me right here *moves hand to heart*


John Martyn – May You Never


I told my studio mate (Mr Bingo) there were certain songs that made me cry. He made me play them all, and just stared at my face until I cried.
This was in the 'cry mix'.


Vashti Bunyan – Just Another Diamond Day

I went to see Vashti in 2003 at the Royal Festival, her first live appearance in 30 years.
She was totally captivating.

Neil Young – Dreamin Man  

More hippy hippy guitars. I've recently taken up the guitar. This is one of the first songs I've actually learnt to play.

Jack Buchanan – Now That I've Found You  

I was introduced to the delights of Jack Buchanan by Andy Stevens from GTF. In a previous life I was Elsie Randell.

Carl Malcolm – Fatti Bum Bum  

Just makes me smile.

Oscar Peterson – It Ain't Necessarily So  

Who doesn't like a little champagne now and again?

Belle and Sebastian – The Boy With The Arab Strap  

I used to be a massive B&S fans. It really reminds me of a certain time in my life. I think I listened to nothing else for about 5 years. 

This song just makes you want to clap along.


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