Orange Juice – Falling and Laughing  

We used to have a studio in an old blacksmiths building close to Arnold Circus. Right upstairs was Jonathan, a photographer with very calm voice and quiet manners that used to blast music extremely loud from his turntables. He was an Orange Juice fan.

New Order –Age of Consent  

He was also a New Order fan.

The Horrors – Scarlet Fields  

Sometimes we need to stay late at the studio. Usually by this time our neighbours have already left and we can turn the speakers really loud. The Horror's Primary Colours is a frequent choice for these moments.

Die Antwoord – Beat Boy  

Once in a while we get stuck on something for a couple of weeks and then forget about it for good. This was a big one of those.

Serge Gainsbourg – Lemon Incest  

For a couple of months we had a journalist friend from NY sharing the studio with us. All of a sudden our bookshelves were full of conspiracy theory and 9/11. We showed him the video of this song once and it made a disturbing impact on him.

Alton Ellis — Why Birds Follow Spring  

This studio in Arnold Circus was a black hole in the middle of Shoreditch. Somehow no light reached (well, it was behind a massive council building), it was cold and you couldn't get signal on your phone. To make a call we needed to go outside. It happened that we needed to call someone else from the same building and we bumped into each other in the parking space trying to get connection. When it was sunny, we'd set up a table outside on the parking to get a bit of sun and have lunch. 

Balam Acab – See Birds  

We were living and teaching in Venice during what became a bittersweet experience. Italy was so kind to us but things in London started getting really complicated, so it was a constant frustration of airports and problems here mixed with great weather, prosciutto and lovely people down South. A friend emailed this song one day and it just felt right.

Tame Impala – Desire Be Desire Go  

Our current studio, on the other hand, has plenty of windows and you really feel connected to the weather. When it's cold and grey we listen a lot of The Knife, but for the last few weeks it's been so sunny that we've been eager to find something to go along with it.

The Strokes – Macchu Picchu  

Since we have the speakers on all day, we needed to find something to rotate with Tame Impala. This new Strokes song has been playing here every day. Then Tame Impala again.

Notorius BIG – Juicy  

We were teenagers in the 90s. 

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