Japan – Oil on Canvas

Seems obvious, but perfect for the studio.


James Wesley Stemple – First Impulse


42 seconds of perfection.

Walter Becker – Bobs Not Your Uncle Anymore  

Cynical cod Reggae from the Steely Dan man.

Jackson C Frank – Blues Run the Game


Greatest song ever written.


Morton Feldman – Piano and String Quartet  

Wrote music for Philip Guston- nuff said.

The Associates – Q quarters  

Because "Washing down bodies seems such a dead end job".
Also invents the word google and tells you what to do with it.

The Cramps – Garbageman  

"If you can't dig me you can't dig nothin
 Do you want the real thing or you just bluffin"

Andy Sheppard – Death of Superman/Dream sequence  

Like walking through a dream


Louis Armstrong – What's New?


Because "Probably I'm boring you"


Vince Guarald – Autumn Leaves


Packing up and screwing lids on jars.


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