The Fall – Hit The North

It's impossible to pick out one track by the Fall, so consider this just an example - but one of my favourite examples.


John Maus – Just Wait Til Next Year


I'm such a fan of John Maus. He hasn't produced that much, but it's pretty much all great. Not to mention the many interviews with him, and footage from his live shows. 
He is a great reminder that theory and complete emotional dedication in the work are by no means mutually exclusive.

Molly Nilsson – Hey Moon!  

I discovered Molly Nilsson through John Maus' cover of Hey Moon. It's kind of soft, but a weird soft. Like a heavy-light


Omar S – Strider's World


To me, form is about connections. Omar S' merging and layering and letting one thing transform through the use of another thing amaze me. 
I try to learn from this and translate it into processes of materials and strategies t + it makes for great studio dancing.


Suburban Lawns – Janitor 

Underwater / Does it matter / Antimatter / Nuclear reactor/ Boom boom boom boom / I guess everything's irrelative
I'm a janitor / Oh my genitals / I'm a janitor / Oh my genitals / Oh my genitals / I'm a janitor

Pulp - This is Hardcore  

I like to take a break and watch a live version. 

AraabMuzik – Golden Touch  

The sound is kind of plasticky, but deep and very sharp. It is the golden touch.

Lykke Li – Follow Rivers  

I don't know what it is with this track, but I can't stop listening to it. 
Maybe it's because of it's omnipresence over the last year, or it's that video. 


Gal Costa – Recanto Escuro


Shared by Nicolau Vergueiro, who is one of my favourite artists and my recurring collaborator.
The complex soundscape combined with her beautiful easy going voice is wonderful.
And the memories attached are great for keeping the long distance collaborative spirit.

Salem - King Night  

Spacey in a kind of complicated dark way, which going by what I know, seems to be what Salem are about.  The specifics might be a little off, but it really works for the music.


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