The Berg Sans Nipple – Change The Shape  

The perfect way to start the day. Super uplifting, makes me smile every time.


Minor Threat – Steppin' Stone


A must for any mix; studio or otherwise.

Lightning Bolt – Crown Of Storms

The beginning of this song fucking rules! I listened to so much Lightning Bolt when I was in undergrad at SAIC that having the record on in the studio creates a nostalgic moment.

His Hero Is Gone – Like Weeds  

His Hero Is Gone is from my high school listening experience. I recently pulled out Fifteen Counts of Arson and Monuments To Thieves, they are forever in the studio record mix. 


Zomes – Black Magic Band


This song. On repeat. For days.


Sleep – From Beyond

Any song from Holy Mountain is amazing, but the build up is so epic. The amount of artwork I've made over the years to Sleep is absurd.

Lichens – M St R Ng W Tchcr Ft L V Ng N Sp R T  

Rob A. A. Lowe is a near and dear friend. I had Rob play a solo show of mine at Ebersmoore Gallery (after realizing I had made the majority of the work to Lichens) and his performance brought tears to my eyes.

Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath   

I grew up listening to Black Sabbath. My father, who is a Lutheran minister, would blast Sabbath while driving to church on Sunday morning. Sabbath has always been a part of my working music and will never get old.

Om – Unitive Knowledge of the Godhead  

Genius. Om is another band I could put on repeat, turn up the volume and work. Not a day goes by without Om and or Sleep playing in the studio.

Guided By Voices – A Salty Salute  

Alien Lanes from GBV makes it into the mix now and then on the mellow studio days. I'm from Dayton, OH and GBV is Dayton, OH.


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