For me music is very important while taking pictures, because it increases the atmosphere that i'm looking for and helps my models get into it!

Hooverphonic – 2wicky

I'm very patriotic in a way, mostly because there are so many great bands from Belgium that
for some reason make it across the border, but i've always loved this band since very young age.
While watching 'I Know What You Did Last Summer' years ago they played it in a scene
and it made me somehow very proud. You can say whatever you want, but I love these
late nineties slayer movies and it fitted perfectly in it :)
It's a very slow song, and gets you carried away in a dark trippy way


Florence and the Machine – Remain Nameless


Another rather slow song, but I like to work to music that gets you carried away in some
tantric vibe; it starts slow and then gets dramatic by the end. It gives me energy and always
puts me in the mood that I prefer the most, although i cant really put a name to it.

Chris Isaak – Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing  

Perfect for creating a dirty atmosphere, great clip as well.

An Pierlé – Medusa


One of my favourite Belgian singers, I love the drama in her voice, sings mostly alone at her
piano, but this live version with band is just perfect.


Soulwax – E-talking

Ideal to go wild on.

Teddiedrum – Powertrip  

I love the eighties vibe of this band, this is one of their rather slower songs, but you feel their
specific beat from the start.

I love all eighties music anyway, perfect for working at night, although this is a rather new

Balthazar – Oldest Of Sisters  

Unique sound, ideal to relax and just listen to. They've grown into Belgium's biggest export
band with only two albums out yet.

MGMT – Flash Delirium  

Perfect summer vibe, I didn't knew what was happening to me when I first heard these songs.


Metronomy – The Look


Same summer vibe story, but more when i'm in a French mood :)


Vive La Fete – Hot Shot


I've loved them as long as I can remember and still do, perfect when I need more energy. Belgian electro-pop is even better when you see it live, perfect mix for late night shoots combined with a bit of alcohol, everybody immediately gets the vibe when you put it on.


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