Charles Wilp – Beautiful Bald Woman

The opening track from a bizarre, brilliant album. Charles Wilp worked in advertising, but also as a multi-disciplinary artist and photographer. The album plays as a soundtrack to one of his photo shoots.


Scott Walker – The Seventh Seal


There has to be a Scott Walker track somewhere on this playlist, this one from one of my all-time favourite records, Scott 4. Epic.

808 State – Pacific (Britmix )  

This tune was the first 'dance' record I bought from Penny Lane Records in Liverpool. It sounded like the future.

Pet Shop Boys – Love Comes Quickly


I bought 'Disco' (Pet Shop Boys' 12' remix album) on tape when I was 12 (From Our Price, Birkenhead, with pocket money). 'Love Comes Quickly is probably my favourite Pet Shop Boys song- they've made some ace music over the years... and a lot of 'not so ace' music too.


Eighth Wonder – I'm Not Scared

Pet Shop Boys penned and produced, with a young Patsy Kensit on vocals. She sings some sultry bits in French- I like songs with sultry 'French' sounding bits.

New Order – Vanishing Point  

Like Scott Walker, having New Order on the playlist is mandatory. From 'Technique', the best New Order album. Was i tempted to put 'World In Motion' on the playlist? Damned straight.

Desireless – Voyage, Voyage  

This was dead exotic and brings back pleasant memories of holiday romances and our French assistant at school...

Beastie Boys – Something's Got To Give  

Where do you start with the Beastie Boys? They just seem to have always been 'there' on my record player / walkman / iPod / whatever... Love Money Mark's keyboard noodling too. Legends.


Serge Gainsbourg – Black Trombone


I could have chosen 40 Serge songs for this playlist- but Black Trombone seemed like a good fit. Genius.

John Barry – Fun City  

This is from the (amazing) 'Midnight Cowboy' soundtrack.  A great track to end the playlist from a composer responsible for so much wonderful music.

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